FG Fitness Challenge

Everyone likes statistics, right?

2021-12-31 Statistik 2021.png
Neat, here goes mine…

Why they think I’m located in Paris is a mystery to me… probably too much Zwift or something 🙈

Sports/Fitness goals for 2022:
- 7.500 km on the bike (2021: 5.900)
- 750 km on the run (2021: 600)
- 300+ active days again
- more swimming.
- more outside rides, less Zwift.
- n+1.

… that should be enough honestly. Maybe repeat those 50 km of climbing? Should work out anyway.
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Got back on the bike for a good NYE ride downtown and back. I guess I'm not as out of shape as I thought, as I only struggled with a few steeper hills here and there. Man, I've missed that.
And then, to put us puny little humans all in our place, there's utterly insane people like this here lithuanian (running in israel):

a 6:32/mi or 4:04/km pace for 12 hours straight. how that is even physically possible is beyond me... I can sustain that sort of pace for maybe half an hour? If I'm having a good day. Oof.

Quick update on my goals two weeks into the year:
- bike: massively behind. need to put in a loooong session soon :) time to tackle that first imperial century (maybe get some butt cream)
- run: on target
- swim: on target (i translated "more swimming" into 50km in 2022 - not a lot, but with the other goals, it's still time i have to spend/find)
Damn, in 2021 that guy ran almost as much as I cycled, and I cycled a lot... :blink:
And here I am, feeling good about running again after getting covid and feeling like shit for a few days...
Fortunately it's not a race. Ever since we were encouraged work from home again I've left home twice and at least one of those was cycling to our company. Was quite amusing, -14C or so when I set off and just after and hour as I was returning the air felt more spicy. I was correct as it was 3C colder already. Also executed a nice 180 spin while overtaking some people in a corner.. :mrgreen:
3kg down by doing.... nothing? Well, there's less driving, more walking, and less HFCS in the foods that I eat so, I guess that's why?
Well, I‘m on par with my goal of 10k+ cycling this year again since I'm currently at 2506 km and it's not even a whole quarter year in. 🙂
Winter in Montreal makes it hard to stay in shape.

I'm not really equipped for winter running, and I hate gyms.

So my last run of 2021 was in late November.

When I went to Dallas in late January the weather was nice, so I went for a run one afternoon, and to my surprise, I was able to do 5k without stopping, not something I was expecting for my first run in 2 months. I followed that up a few days later with a treadmill run in the hotel gym positively confirming I hate that way too much to repeat the experience.

Fast forward to this week, back in Dallas but staying in a different area, I find a park with a 1 mile loop that seems ideal, so I go expecting to do 2 or 3 laps (3 or 5k).

After 1 mile I was completely spent, I had to quit. After driving back to the hotel, I spent 1h in bed coughing my lungs out. Part of my problem might have been starting the run with a pace too fast for me (a mistake I was doing quite a lot when I started running).

I went back this morning, paced myself better, and I did 2 laps, and I feel much better afterwards. I might have been able to continue a bit more, but I'd rather take it one step at a time.
Nothing to compete with @Eye-Q with, but I managed to do about 380 km of cycling in March. Very good for the month. I also purchased equipment to track cadence and heartbeat during bike rides, because I want to be more serious about my exercising. And it actually helps me a lot with pacing myself, so I can go more distance. I've always had the problem of going flat out the whole time, but seeing the numbers in front of me really keeps me in a good zone.
Arrival weight 111kg, month later 106.5kg. What? I’m confused because it’s not like I’m following Thomas’ running schedule or anything.
First 7k after winter break. The uphill section of the track really killed me on lap 3...
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Arrival weight 111kg, month later 106.5kg. What? I’m confused because it’s not like I’m following Thomas’ running schedule or anything.
Down to 105 now…
'k, it should be coco's turn for a glow-up. I feel flergh too often. Gym membership is back, let's GOOOOOOO.

Farted around some of the weight machines today. My legs are weak as hell compared to where they were, but my arms are stronger than I expected. Hells yeah, I'll take it.

Down to 105 now…
You looked great in Thomas' vid the other day. I'm impressed.