FG Fitness Challenge

Now that's a nice distance cycled this month, and it hasn't even been the most "productive" month within the last year...

You usually do more km on a bike in a month than I do combined over all modes of transport.
With my previous road bike, I had a yearly average of about 750 km over its lifetime of 16 years, with last year coming in at ~950 km and the year before at ~1500 km. That was probably my best year (2020, nothing much to do otherwise).

After just five weeks with the new bike, I crossed the 500 km mark today, and I've basically been pulverizing my old average speeds on every known route so far. :)

Next target: Do 100 km in one go.
I started running in September 2020, and in the following months, I managed to run 4k as my longest run.

My goal in 2021 was to make it to 5k, which I reached in August, eventually doing a longest run of 8.5 km in October.

My goal for 2022 was to run a 10k, but so far, even though I can run 5k on most of my runs, my pace is slower than in 2021, and I rarely manage to go for longer distances.

Today I went for a run in pretty good conditions, 16° and cloudy, but a bit windy.

After the first km my heart rate was 15 BPM higher than what I want it to be at that point, and my pace was very slow, so I thought it didn't look good for today.


Slow, but I made it to my target 😀

Last week my wife gave me my late birthday present, Shokz Openrun Pro bone conduction headphones.


I had never run with music since doing any effort with something blocking my ears has always freaked me out.

So I gave those a try and I like it so far. It makes it a bit harder to pace my breathing, but on only my second run with them at one point there was a pause on the album I was listening and I found myself fast forwarding the silent part cause the silence and the sound of my breathing was disturbing me.

They are very comfortable and don't move at all while running. Sound quality isn't great, but I'm fine with it for background music while doing some exercise.
To expand on this a little bit, s as i very much like the format of this run:
- this year, some 160.000 people worldwide took part in this simultaneous run (literally, so some people run at night)
- there are organized runs with closed roads etc, but you can also run wherever you want with the app (or organize your own local „app run“ with others). The app is actually quite nicely done with live commentary and a bit of motivational stuff thrown at you during the run (a bit over the top at times).
- the format: you just start running and after 30 minutes a „catcher car“ sets off at 12km/h. Every 30 minutes it goes a little faster. There is no set time or distance limit - you just stop over the car catches you.
- why I like the format? It’s a challenge for any level of fitness and is actually quite hard to pace properly, so it’sa but if a mind game as well.
- this years male winner ran some 64km until being caught.
- my original goal was 25 km. But for that I’d need a 5:09 pace… and new shoes, see original post 🙈 Next year then!
- there’s a nice redbull documentary on the whole thing online

Anyway: I need to run more. At least that works out with parental leave and taking care of the kiddo - she needs her sleep and walks anyway, might as well run
I just pictured you running with a kid strapped to your back...
I just pictured you running with a kid strapped to your back...
Haha, I don’t think either of us would enjoy that very much 🤣
i actually run with her regular pram, I don’t even have one of those fancy running things…
I could pretend I am doing this because I want to, but that'd be a lie.

I've taken up running again after having abandoned it post injury in 2014-15. As some may remember, mainly the Ringmeet people, back in 2013 I started sport (running and body weight as well as dumbbell exercises) and went from 95kg peak down to 78kg minimum, and ended up at a stable 82 for a bit. Then I tore a ligament in my foot and it all went downhill from there, healing complications included.

I started again a few days before new years 2021, and I'm definitely not as fast as before and my stamina sucks. Mainly my lung capacity feels worse. But I also feel that got worse after my second round of COVID in January, where I took a 3 week break from running, and I'm like 8 years older now. Outside of that I've been doing a very regular (minus 2 or 3 travel days) 3 runs a week, 4km each. I've done one or two 5k and a 3k in there, but predominantly 4k. I have not exactly adjusted my diet, at best I'm not trying to eat extra to make up for the burned calories. I started again with a weight range of 92.5-94.5kg depending on the day and time. I'm currently 89 on a bad day and have seen 87.00 dehydrated after a run (aka cheat number, before I drink ;)).

I intend to pick up some dumb bells and pushups again, but I'm still looking for motivation there. I intend to maintain 85ish once I get there, ideally with more fat turned into muscles.

God, I still hate sport even though I like the results.
There are more than one type sports you know. ;)
Name one you like. Or do :p
Do motorsports count? :burnrubber:

I keed, I keed. Keep up with it. I'm trying to get back on the wagon to get back into proper hoon shape. Add lightness TO BUTT.
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