FG Music League Season 2


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Nov 30, 2008
Sydney, Australia
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Welcome to the new season! It’s a short one this time (5 rounds), and as of Round One all 16 places are filled.

All weekly playlists will be posted here for those not participating to peruse, along with the usual complaints discussions of artistic merit, and interpretations of the round themes each week.
here goes the first weeks playlist:
View: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5Nd5IUYtoxDhWPb44kDrdL?si=2bd8a0d6396e4810


The Local Band​

Bands/Artists from somewhere close to your location. Bonus points if you’ve seen them live too!

edit: holy crap there's a bunch of strong contenders in there! I'm happy to take a shit place :p
edit2: why am I not allowed to give -2 lol. also: don't even have to listen to easily 1/3 of those, which I did not expect.
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I learned new stuff about where bands are from!
Also, too many good contenders for the Eurovision round... Well, "good" contenders. Eurovision-good, not good-good. Butter churningly good so to speak.
This round, despite the challenging premise, is surprisingly difficult. I would rather not downvote anything, and at the same time, with 12 upvotes to distribute but only up to 2 per song, it's difficult to spend all the upvotes while having a distinction between the entries...
Good points from @DanRoM - can we bring three points maximum back from the next round onwards? And maybe minus two? Or do away with downvotes? @Misrabelle what do you think?
I like having downvotes in general, it's just that this round I hardly found anything really worth downvoting, yet I had to. Well, all part of the game. :)
Sorry, I've been quiet.
On top of all the usual workload with the buses and my parents (and the dog), I had to travel for an audit, of the largest company I've ever been engaged to audit, and I still have days of work left in completing that.
And on my return, I copped a head cold from hell, and am just now starting to feel a little better, though I have almost no energy still.

For the next round, I've changed voting as follows: Upvotes stay at 12. Max 3 updoots per song. Downvotes stay at 2, with a maximum of 2 per song.

So, 14 total votes for 15 songs, since we can't vote for our own.
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If anyone has a burning passion to take over end-of-round spreadsheet duties, please, feel free.
I'm still up to my neck in bus maintenance schedules vs actually completed servicing records.

Round 2 is live now, for those who have notifications turned off...
It wasn't me!
No, I’m quite convinced of that as well… but I have a very strong suspicion. I did find a few similarly insane alternatives though. Just gotta see how obnoxious I want my choice to be 😐
I Am apparently a bottom. 👍🏻
I think I need higher education to understand Dr_Grip's comments. :ROFLMAO:

This time I got hit. Damn you @DaBoom :p
If we hit on the same song even, that would be amazing. I actually thought of something even more local to this after the first round, but stuck with my original idea (and was fast enough, clearly).