FG RCers, I need your help!


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Aug 2, 2010
1985 F150 4SPD I6
I just bought an NTC3. I intend to fit some rally tires and lift it as much as I can without weakening it. What I want to know is:

Should I re-gear it and slow it down a bit?
Just how water/mud resistant is the radio box?
What changes should I make to the setup to protect it and make it stable on the dirt?
Will it be more prone to breaking things?
Just how capable will it be?

The surfaces I'll be running on are: Smooth pavement, very rough pavement, concrete, fine gravel, and dirt that varies from hard pack to mud depending on season. Yes, I will drive in the snow if it snows, since snowfall in Tennessee is usually around half an inch to an inch. No jumps, no grass, and I'm just bashing around in my yard and driveway.

I'm asking you guys because both of the RC forums I'm a member of, RCUniverse and RC Car Action, are ghost towns.