FG Wacky Race - Winter Edition - RACE THREAD

Well folks... it's been fun for the first few times, but unfortunately the concept hasn't got any more staying power. It's just grown old. So... this will sadly be the last FinalGear Wacky Race for the foreseeable medium-term future.

The first move to the Game Forum was probably the beginning of the end, come to think of it.

If you're okay with it, I'm willing to run the race one more time, and see if there is still some life left in the old girl...

/Either that, or convince Jay to start running the Races again...
Maybe wait another year or until there's a lot of people back on here. I've noticed that a lot of people are on hiatus at the moment.

Oh well. *gulps down internet alcohol*
^ IMO, the Races seem to have become more of an in-club of members who have already competed in prior events. I was planning at maybe doing some changes to draw in new members.

/Pass the internet-booze?
People have been participating less and less every year since the second? why is that?

/hands bottle over to ATG Man
More noobs, less regulars, I suppose. I guess we should warm up to them more so we don't have veterans dwindling. That's if they are great people to comply with.

/Snatches booze bottle before ATG Man gets it.
Nooooo! Damn you bad memory, I mean car, I mean... Oh well, we can't win every time.

We just aren't getting enough people now, which means that our stories have nothing to go on. It's the banter between us that made the first few races so great. I blame the move to the game thread myself, it died immediately once that happened.

Edit: I'm looking forward to seeing what can be done with it, I'd also be happy to have a crack at some changes too if ATG doesn't want to at any point. The build up to the race seems to be more interesting than the race itself now. Anyway ShotHouse Racing will live on forever (literally, this name is sticking with me) in any other form of internet motorsport.

/Reaches for unopened bottle of internet booze in the Mustang's glove compartment.
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What's probably necessary is a thorough overhaul and renewal of the concept, a conversation with Viper to ensure the threads don't disappear and reduce the event's visibility, and a very very VERY long break before the next event (if it happens).
Well, goodnight everybody. It was fun while it lasted

*grabs coat and shuts door behind*
Due to another blown head gasket (yippee!), we regret to inform y'all that Team Polished Turd will not be finishing.
Aww... the Wacky Races are over. :( I think a long break would be most welcome. We need to keep the concept fresh. Also, I think we should try to include a lengthy description of what the races are about each year, so we don't isolate new members.

What happened to Meerkat Manor Motorsport whilst I was away:

The Maybach was destroyed, so the gang found a local dealership and stole brought a VW Golf. It managed to reach the finish line 13 hours behind ShotHouse Racing.

Unfortunately for Katstein, the finish line in Vladivostok was near the North Korean border. He was captured by the Korean People's Army. He is now stuck in a prison camp in the middle of nowhere. Or he's having champagne with Kim Jong-Il and his prostitutes. Because this is North Korea, no-one knows.

Sergei was still stuck in the boot until some Russian thief found him after trying to hijack the Golf. Because meerkats make very poor pets, that thief is now dying of infection.

The Walem left the trio after he found true love at Lake Baikal. He is now in a happy relationship with Cthulu's Icy Russian cousin.

EDIT: Having looked through the previous races, and given the nature of my main character, I don't think I was nearly as violent this time round. I'll learn next time.
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Due to another blown head gasket (yippee!), we regret to inform y'all that Team Polished Turd will not be finishing.

That's ok! You can ride in my ball.... OF STEEL!!!