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Fiat Croma.


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May 29, 2004
Fiat launches the new Fiat Croma in june here, I think it looks kinda cool.



Well... At least it looks better than the old one (which isn't hard)
it's still a fiat

that's like a brand i would NEVER buy, dunno why actually

(the stilo is kinda cool though)
Is it me or is that crease on the side showing up on every new car these days ?

bmws have it, and so do the new mercs..
Looks pretty decent and inoffensive.

Now Fiat, please bring back Alfa here to America, dammit!

r u serious? alfa?

they're crap cars (except their 6cyl engine) which depresiate faster than their top speed, they break down a lot, fixing them costs piles of money, and the dealers are dorks

i hate that brand
how can you hate Alfa Romeo's... they are beautiful italian cars... I agree with you that they break down alot but the car is designed so well... just like Ferrari's... it is still an Italian car with italian flair
have u ever closed a door or the hood of an alfa?
it gives a horrific sound

and beautiful :s, the older ones looked so fucking nice, but i realy hate the modern pizzaslice in the bumper, moving the licenseplate to the side, the front balance totally ruined (looks)

they look like sth very expensive...made out of plywood

(i'm actually not that wild of any modern italian car :( )
I agree an Alfa is not a car that I would ever own mainly because of its reliability... but lets be honest... no Continental or Scandinavian cars are reliable when you compare with Japanese cars. I like the way they moved the License plate to the side... it looks good on the evo and I was planning on doing it on my RX-7 as well
This car is a joke. It's incredibly messy at the rear, with that awful wheelarch, if you can call it that. The rear lights could have come from a Seat, and the front end completes the VW group look. You'd swear Fiat was a part of it, by looking at this car. Overall though, apart from being a mess in places, this is a very boring design (indeed... VW-ish). Not exactly what Fiat needs to get them out of trouble, as their reputation on quality is far from enviable. So really, why would anyone buy this particular car? Maybe if you work at Fiat and get a huge discount...

Fiat, stop screwing up and give us that 500 reincarnation you promised.
I have to say I'm not a massive fan of any Alfa's either. I seem to remember liking the Spyder when it was first releases, but that's about it.

As for the Croma, it's ok. Nothing special. Those rear lights aren't very exciting and but the front isn't too bad.
I see that Alfa still holds a bad, unearned reputation. Alfas are not what they were just 10 years ago. Engine wise, they're among the most reliable cars today, especially the Diesel ones.
yeah, maybe..

but they still depreciate like hell, and it costs way to much to fix if anything is broken, even maintainingcosts are high (like all classy italian)
bone said:
it's still a fiat

that's like a brand i would NEVER buy, dunno why actually

(the stilo is kinda cool though)
Ferrari is a Fiat