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Sep 18, 2013
I don't think it's quite as entertaining as Top Gear, even when they are doing some of their rubbish films.

Top Gear used to be entertaining, but now it's just too contrived and ridiculous having degenerated to the level of schoolboy 'high jinks'. Also the BBC are now meddling with it for political purposes so it's barely worth watching any more. I often have to remind myself I'm watching Jeremy Clarkson, not Jeremy Beadle (UK readers will understand the reference:)). The target audience has changed from motoring enthusiasts to morons.

The US version is one huge "rubbish film". I sat through 2 of the latest episodes in the hope that it had improved only to find that it is even worse. In 2 episodes I saw just one car go round one corner, the rest of the time was spent on dead straight roads.

Fifth Gear has been through some very dodgy periods (Tim Lovejoy for example), but it has developed into an excellent Motoring show for Motoring enthusiasts rather than ending up as some kind of slapstick parody of itself dumbed down to appeal to the lowest common denominator with nothing more than ratings as its goal.


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Nov 25, 2005
Fifth Gear is finally better than Top Gear. Cant imagine saying that a few years ago, especially after this new hour long format. The 30min version thats on Netflix isnt very good, but the current format is what TG should be. No stupid bullshit comedy bits by 3 assholes desperately trying to be funny. Its a solid 45 min or so of car-oriented programming, which is what I want. Top Gear fell in love with itself, Willman and Co think they can do no wrong. "Oh lets do a pointless 2 hour episode of TG in Africa in a ridiculous premise and fill it with hollow cinematography and Final Cut filters". DIAF. It took FG a while to find itself but it finally has.

I can honestly say Im a total FG fanboi over TG. TG can fuck off for all I care (and rightly so), Final Gear is where its at right now.
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Oct 26, 2013
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There is still some room for improvement even in fifth gear. They are better at testing cars than any other Top Gear show, but I think they should be more detailed in doing so. Something like old Top Gear from late 80-es and early 90-es.