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Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
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OMFG OMFG OMFG, they're changing to an hour long format this fall according to the end of today's episode! :thumbsup:
I hope that it means that they increase each artical length, not just put more things into the hour.
Er, that's odd. Is it going to be more like Top Gear then with a studio and presenters? Guess we have to wait and see.
Maybe they've been reading our feedback?

5th Gear really picked up the pace this year, maybe next year they'll be gunning for #1.
They won't take that #1 place from TG, but they sure will be a better show and much more of a rival. :wub:
Vicki and Tiff are very competent presenters. If the production guys get things right the new Fifth Gear is going to be a very good show.
Top Gear still beats them by about 15 min. off time because the commercials.

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TOP GEAR!!!!
if they become a little bit more funny I think TG will be in problems... i think tg lost tooo much time the the guys they invite for drive the cheap car... if FG does a pure CAR show... they will have an adventage.... PLATO is funny so I hope he get more air... and they should put another girl that will be good too......
:lol: You guys are such pervs.
Now let's all pray for Vicky to exercise real hard (like beach volleybal) and then pray for her to like short skirts and tops.

I wish I was Bruce Almighty :cry:
This is great news and one I didnt really expect :eek: :thumbsup: The presenters are all good except for John Bentley who is>> :yucky: undigestable dammit! :x
nutty said:
I hope that it means that they increase each artical length, not just put more things into the hour.
TBH, i'm quite happy with the current length of each review..it might be short but it is to-the-point and understandable.
I'm not too keen on FG taking the "comedic" format of car reviews like TG quite simply cos FG brings some sanity to an otherwise fuel burning week of TG :mrgreen: And besides, could you imagine Tiff trying to be funny :lmao: Yeh right! Thats a laugh and a half :roll:
Jon Bentley is the guy who can't really drive fast and who makes all the stuff that isn't cool (for example stuff about traffic lights or what ever). I think is good guy for that, because he's, well, dry and boring enogh...