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May 10, 2014
Helsinki, Finland

I love to ramble and I think this time I have a little story of full circles.
Back in 2014 nick name redeagle in MX-5Nutz page was selling he's car, it was for sale on Estonian car trader page, but little did I know about it. Friend had sold he's NBFL and wanted an NA that was more capable on track and cheaper if anything happened (yeah, there was time when NA's were cheaper than butt ugly NB's). I guided him through getting an RHD Mazdaspeed that was found from UK. He bought it, did the trip, but RHD wasn't him and he sold it on and later it become fastest track day Miata in Finland. So I got new assignment, help to find LHD NA.

This Miata had been for sale for while and it didn't seem to create lots of interest, Estonia being small country and market and trying to sell a boosted Miata isn't easy. So contacted the seller with long list of questions of who, how, why and what about the car, later on I found out that I was the only one asking who even knew what he was selling. All seemed legit, car seemed to hold water and while we were chatting about the car, I asked does he have any build topics of the car. He told that yes, one in Miataturbo.net and one in MX-5Nutz. Went over to both forums to read, only to find that in Nutz I was the sole commentor of the topic, world can be small.
We got the deal agreed, took a ferry to south, met the owner, drove the car, both of us liked it. I was really well build, three times exatly, first NA with paint, then with Shanghai kit, third time with upgraded BEGI set. It was tuned by Estonian tuner Joujaam, who at the time was also known in Finland for having highest power Porsche 968 Turbo in the world. The price was agreed, hands were shaken and we headed back north.

Same time we made a gentlemens agreement that if the car ever comes for sale, I have the right of first refusal. Years rolled on, every now and then we had a talk about the car, some times I asked just out of curiosity would he be ready to let it go or he would ask if I'd still be interested. I wasn't serious, I had had 4 Miata's, MX-5's and Eunos's since 1999 and I wasn't into it.
It took 11 years that I could not care less of Miatas. And as you might know, mean while I had fully build 106 Rallye, few Beemers and then I went full on to bikes and had six bikes in five years.
So here we are or at least I am, got tired of gearing up for 10 minutes, riding 10 minutes and then undo 10 minute, rain, shine or cold as f*ck, I ride from start of the season to end of the season, no car, just bike. Had enough of it, sold the 2022 Tenere 700 and packed the gear. It was time for call and this time it was going to be serious.


After 3 years of abandonment

Miata number five. Fifth Miata, first one I had was 1989 model in 1999, then 2009-2012 I had three Eunos Roadsters. First one was special, Eunos Roadster Mazdaspeed B spec MS11-20064 to give it's full title.

Car had been on jack stands for almost three years, turbo's cold side bolts that hold wastegate actuator had stripped the threads and rear brake line distributor block bolts had snap'd. Enough, when you have had your fun and have fresh family to take care, to leave the car standing. Car looked good, just dusty and in need of service.
We gave it good go around, helicoils for turbo, attached the brake distributor, fresh belts and fluids, slowly over a perioid of a month before it was time to get it on the road.
It didn't pass MOT, rear brake pad had disintegrated. MOT station is owned by serious car nut, he took it out for proper run after hearing how long it had been standing to try and get the rear brakes to work. Well no ammount of braking fixes broken pad.
Man have things moved on in 11 years, parts availability is comical, prices gone crazy and JDM tax is real. Almost everything has to be ordered as parts stores don't have common wearables stored anymore. Starter solenoid was acting from standing so long, found second to last one for 60€ in Motonet, "had" to drive hour for it as follow ups would've been 400€ and two week back order. Also friend used he's connections to pull the stock rear pads from thin air to make it pass the MOT. Track pads are on back order. Have the car sitting on jack stands, new starter motor was wrong, but we cannibalized it and changed the front cover from the old one, so one small victory in the pocket. Brake pads weren't bad, but the co-drivers side brake needs overhaul.


Fresh, out of garage.

So finally into the list of goodies.
  • 1.6 that was rebuild by renegade, if my memory serves me correctly it this was after Shanghai turbo blew up and killed the engine.
  • BEGI turbo kit with upgraded to Garrett 2860R and downpipe to match the Garrett. 2860R misses the common 2560R mid range torque bump, instead offers easy to drive, flat torque "curve".
  • BEGI re-route
  • Exedy stage 2 clutch
  • Lightened 1.8 flywheel
  • Innovate LC-1
  • 1.8 torsen
  • 1.8 brakes
  • Braided brakelines
  • MeisterR coil overs
  • Racing Beat antiroll bars
  • 6UL 8" with Yokohama AD08RS semislicks, needs new pair for front.
  • Lots of braces under the car, even one for front antiroll bar.
  • Fully polybushed
  • Hard Dog Deuce roll bar
  • Race cat with V-band and bypass pipe.
  • No Rust! Whole bottom is covered with rust proof
  • Russell (VINDI) duck tail. Best one, suits the car, no matter what angle you look at it. Needs to be installed and painted
  • JASS front day lights
  • Decent stereos, 6½ on doors and tweeters on A pilars. Old school Pioneer with delphins, love it but miss BT options (friend has Pioneer with Delphins and BT)
  • It was painted in Estonia to original red with five coats of clear.

After a quick wash.

All in all, it is what I would've build myself 10 years ago, specially as back then BEGI was only legal turbo set that came with MOT papers.
Now, well you can do almost anything and there is better, cheaper options available.

Got this far? Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. I dare you to comment.

Boosted life is great! Really happy to be back, feels like I'm back home.

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Fresh MOT, woohoo!
Bought a new rear brake caliber, after watching Flyin'Miata's video of rebuilding it and decided that it isn't worth it. So on top of wrong starter, rear brake pads were wrong too, nothing that angle grinder couldn't fix.
Next small project is to fix co-drivers mirror, it snap'd the rusty bolt when I tried to adjust it. It was so rusty that there was only sharp pointy left of the bolt.
And ordered pair of Yokohama Advan Neova AD08RS, fronts are gone.
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Been driving it. Changed fuel filter today, 1000km done and few tanks so it was time. Found new mirrors, freshly painted front bumper with blinkers, so saved painting the bumper, will get them at the weekend.
Scored blue hardtop, paid same what I paid for Eunos Roadster Mazdaspeed 2009 and I used to pay 250€ for one, but it is what it is. Sold the soft top as I will not have any use for it and have more space on rear shelf. Hardtop needs to be painted, not sure should I go with black or original red, I think red will win.
And got two new Yokohama Advan Neova AD08RS fitted for front, co drivers was partly worn through. Funnily enough, steering stopped pulling and it tracks straight, which is nice.
Ordered quick release today for steering wheel, no other reason than I've always wanted one and Mazda locks are notoriosly lousy. Still need to find NARDI deep dish.
Fixed stereos, right channel disapeared every now and then, needed to push RCA all the way in amp, nice and easy for once. Still need to upgrade for bluetooth, local radio channels are insult.
Did my first burnout on car, had to go hiding to try, had I failed massively there would've not been any witnesses. It was great success!
So yes. Love being back with added boost.

Ah, almost forgot the Most Important thing. Added on/off switch fo blow off valve vacuum line. Now I can have "atshi" or "Sutututu". It has been "Sutututu" because "Sutututu" is much cooler.
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Washed interior today. Much satisfaction.
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-21 at 18.42.17.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2023-06-21 at 19.03.45.jpeg

On drivers seat after 4th time water started to be clean.
Meanwhile friend fitted the hooks to car for middle locks. Out of five Miatas, I've had hard top in three and this is first where I've got center locks and man it makes huge difference.
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-21 at 20.18.48.jpeg

Also gave rear trunk springs half turn more force to keep the trunk open. Now on top of it keeping it open, it opens the lid when pulling the opener.
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WhatsApp Image 2023-06-26 at 16.48.25.jpeg

Inner child is extremely happy. I've been wanting one for decades and now that their finally legal here, I had to have it. Snap Off quick releases are nice as it fits only to your car, can't fit it to friends even if he has Snap Off too. And it works as against stealing very well. Horn worked straight out of box, so no need to mess around with it either. 6/5 product and except of one rounded old hex screw all went well.
I like the sound of third gear, it sounds like victory.
Broke it 02:05 and had a deal for new box done 02:13, not bad.
Left from car meet and accelerated on sliproad, half throttle pulls with no agressive changes and torque peak on third gear made Kansas go bye bye.
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Man what a week
Blew up the gearbox week ago and now I'm running 6 speed (low mileage box that is originally from my super reliable UK parts supplier) and ACT XT clutch.
Got 5 speed delivered tuesday and got invited to friends garage, two post lift and gearbox lifter makes life so easy. We got the old broken box out wednesday and found out that the three puck sinter clutch was all good but the pressure plate was dead, so no wonder it was slipping on 5th.
five, well more like four speed out
Thursday morning asked in local whatsapp groups for new pressure plate and got offered genuine eBay special clutch kit, well all I needed was the pressure plate and we agreed a deal. Talked about Miatas and he told hes building he's car for drifting and was going to boost it with Pulsar 660.
I told that first time with +400Nm, 4th gear and wheel hop will destroy he's gear box. Told him that I'm interested to buy he's 6 speed and clutch and he should invest the money to BMW ZF box. After 15 minutes of pondering he came to same conclusion and we made a deal.
And it just happened that my Miata's previous owners dad was leaving to Helsinki and was located 5 minutes away form sellers garage. So he delivered the 6 speed and clutch and saved me from a 12h round trip.
Six speed in
Broke the gearbox friday 02:05, got first 5 speed deal in 8 minutes, delivered tuesday, talked unkown guy to sell he's precious 6 speed and clutch, got that delivered same day, installed clutch and box and drove out from garage friday 01:05 Huge thanks to friends help, I now have good, strong six speed, capable to take 400Nm and strongest clutch. Next on line are maxspeedingrods con rods and boost "all of it"..
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That’s a quick turnaround! 6 speed is in Luigi’s Future too :)
Thats a good plan, 5 speed is more joyable to change gears. Make sure to get NBFL 6-speed, better than early ones in 10th year special. Also get the 3.6 diff too, mine is with 4.1 diff, its quite short geared.
Bought a "new" bluetooth capable Pioneer DEH-8400BT.

Tried to buy latest DEH-9600BT, but the seller desided to sell it to someone else hour before friend of mine was there to pick it up, even tho we had a deal and I had agreed to buy it and friend was willing to pick it up on he's way, as it was two hours away.
Well found this one five minutes from my workplace for 25€. Love the bluetooth quality over radio and being able to pick what you want to listen, can't take the local radios no more. Just turned the high pass filter on at 50hz and it rocks. I have 4x75w Blaupunkt amp in trunk, so bass stays crisp and under control even when listening it loud while doing 120km/h. Could have a modern 6" sub on front of the co drivers seat, those things hit hard.
Previous older Pioneer was 9000 series with dolphins, this being lower spec it doesn't. Miss the dolphins.

Edit.Took cousin out, pulled full pull and was sad, new clutch is slipping on second and third. Had to go out again later, all was well, it just broke the traction so quickly that it felt like slipping clutch.
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Front End Friday.

Went to local Shell garage where every car nut hangs out and meets, there was Citroën C2 with mid engine V6 turbo pushing +750hp as thats when clutch gave up. Was about to leave, walking to my car when friend walked to me and said that someone had been leaving and reversed into my front.

Bumper has a mark in the paint, both front fenders have paint chips, co-drivers front lamp is bent and bonnet has paint chips and being aluminium it's bent.
Well, 10 guys who I know saw it happen, got pics from the happening and stopped the guy from leaving. I got the drivers phone number and reg plate, he was cool with it. Made the notification of claim and now waiting the cogwheels of byrocracy to turn.
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Fun, inner child jumped up'n'down of joy, so very much fun. I was laughing with shaky hands afterwards.
Always wanted to do, never have had a car capable or when I had, no spare tyres to waste. Fullset of Toyo R888 on TSW Imola's came with the car and now it was the time!
Did first short burnout on 1st gear but its too short and it's hard to keep from banging revlimiter. Then tried on 2nd gear and did couple proper ones and finished the tyres on this long burnout.

Funny how there's no grip what so ever after releasing the brake.
be1b1734-1954-44ce-85bb-1b0ed1bb3771.jpg. 2b12a44b-5c60-4e3a-b38c-20d117473457.jpg
Being semislicks those have plenty of wires to keep them intact, but pretty poor driving characters after being ruined.
Burned pair had -08 and -09 stamps, so nothing to save.
Still have pair of -13, good 10 years old, no need to guess what waits for those.
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Destroyed the second set of R888's in local cruise night that is known for its burnouts. This is what I have wanted to do since being 13 years old and seeing it happen for the first time.
Did two long pull's. In first one I was so full of emotions that ended up using too much brake while trying and succeding to get the frontlight go Jazz. After the burnout my hands and legs were shaking from all the endorphine, dopamine and adrenaline. Had an Zero Cola and I was time for second burn out, it went really well and managed to do full length pull and got great pics.

Wife, older son, he's 3 cousins and two good friends came to witness, one with DSLR. Wife, to her own suprise, learn'd that she liked the happening, the friendly and good athmosphere and the show.

Found super cool VHS filmed shot of tyre slaying.
Jump to 2:00 to see Flic Flac lamps go up and lamps go down. For full pull 3:53 or click the link under the video window.

View: https://youtu.be/C27z8nmMbvM?t=233

I had eight or nine Japanese ROAD&STER Eunos Roadster magazines years ago. Those tend to change hand between 30€ an 50€, but ended up giving them to one young Miata owner, who had started local "Miata Crew" after getting tired of "old farts Miata Club".
Well he's now a painter on big brand service center and I got my hardtop and ducktail painted by him. Rest of the car's paint needs a buff or cut. Luckily car has been over sprayed before and has laquer, not like original one stage paint. Had reserved a time for the crash evaluation in shittiest place known, but it ended to be double booking with droping the hard top for paint so need to reserve new time and better place this time.
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Oh. Before the burn out friday, I spent monday and tuesday swapping the GT2860RS to smaller GT2560R with help of a friend.
Saying "It'll be fun they said" really fitted.
Removing the old turbo was easy, as it was held with one nut. Fitting the new wasn't. In my long history of fixing cars I've not had similar fight this proved to be, down to every last hose clamp. Old turbo was little bit bigger every way and it was just what was needed to fit the new, smaller one. It didn't want to fit at all, everywhere it was too short or too inward or just wanted to be in spot that already had hoses running.

After I got it in and running, it kept blowing every pipe, hose clamp and air filter off.
Fun to drive, previously the 2860 woke at 4500, new 2560 wakes at 3000. Much more useful, specially as both can offer more than engine can handle.

Also cleaned idle motor and swap'd its broken hoses to new ones. Didn't fix idle that is all over.
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