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Final Gear Top 100 - Just 1 Vote (part 2)


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
Here's part 2 of the Just 1 votes section. Enjoy!

Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG

The second generation of this two-seater again captivates the eye with its
sophisticated design featuring details reminiscent of Formula motor racing.
This quality enables the SLK to uphold its reputation as a trendsetter and a
tech-nology leader among the sports cars in this class.

Cadillac CTS-V

Squeezing the Corvette Z06's 5.7-litre LS6 V8 under the hood of the
CTS-V must have been quite a feat for Caddy's engineers, after all, 400
horsepower and 390 pounding feet of torque will win you street cred
anywhere, even in M5 alley.

Nissan 240Z

The 240Z was introduced in 1969 with a 2.4 L straight-6 L-series engine,
rear wheel drive, and a stylish coupe body. The engine, based on the
Nissan 510's I4, produced 150 hp (112 kW) and only came with a 4-speed
manual transmission.

Maserati MC12

Designed for high level road use, it can exceed 205 mph at full throttle,
sprinting from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds. Although easy and
pleasant to drive on the road, the MC12 is also a brilliantly dynamic car.

TVR Tuscan S

This is not a calm and confident machine, as some supercars are, it is a
hard man of sport in the true Vinny Jones style: the Devil on your
shoulder demanding a little more and not taking no for an answer. It?s a
participation sport more than a driving experience.

Jaguar XK8

The Jaguar XK8 is unlike any other car. There are sports cars that are
faster. There are sports cars that are more involving, and there are some
that are more exclusive. But there are very few that can cross continents
as comfortably and in such style.

Toyota MR2

The pretty MR2 is safe, stable, and sensible - but not the cutting-edge
coupe it once was. Serious sports car lovers think that the MR2 isn't
macho enough for thrill seekers and lacks a certain soul.

Aston Martin DB7

The coupe is, without being flash, one of the most fabulously beautiful
cars made. It's fast, too, thanks to a characterful supercharged
six-cylinder engine.

Ferrari 308 GTS

The 308 was Ferrari's first two-seat V8 road car. Made available to the
public in 1975, it was the long awaited successor to the incomparable Dino
246 GT. The 308 series was a new beginning for the company as the
premier builder of exotic sports cars for road use.

Land Rover Range Rover

One of the most broadly capable cars on the planet. Its off-road capability
probably, though understandably, compromises its on-road agility a little,
but its depth of ability pretty much justifies its weight.

TVR Sagaris

The car, a development of the T350 coupe has been designed with
endurance motorsport in mind. Destined for the race tracks of the UK and
Europe, the Sagaris is a T350 which has undergone major development
to address the needs for greater aerodynamic stability and downforce.

Bugatti Atlantic

One of the most noticeable and unique features of the Atlantic coupes is
the exposed rivets down the center line of the body. The Atlantic
prototype was made of magnesium which posed challenges in joining the
material and the rivets were used.

BMW 1-series

With the new 1-Series, BMW is bringing sportscar-oriented, rear-drive
handling to the stodgy front-drive VW Golf class. The result is an
intriguing new rival to shake up the segment.

Bentley Blower

The Blower Bentley gets its name from the supercharger mounted up
front of the radiator to give this car an appearance that means business.
It was developed for racing thanks to the persistent efforts of Sir Henry
?Tim? Birkin who first mooted the idea of fitting a supercharger to enhance
performance with the goal being to win Le Mans yet again.

Porsche 944

The Porsche 944 was introduced in 1983 based largely on the earlier 924
model. However the 944 included many changes and upgrades compared
to the earlier model, the most obvious visual clue being the flared wheel
arches to cover the wider track of the new model, the air dam and the
rear spolier.

Ferrari F50

Marketed as a 'Formula 1 car for the road', the F50 proved that it was just
that. Launched at the Geneva Motorshow, two years short of the
company's 50th birthday, it was the successor of the F40. F1-technology
and materials were found throughout the F50.

Noble M12 GTO

Amongst its peers Autocar magazine declared it "Better than the Lotus
Elise" and enthused "come rain or shine it will drive right 'round the
outside of an Elise on any corner you might choose to select."

Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500

The RS500 would be limited to a run of just 500 cars, all of them boasting
even more power than the previous Sierra Cosworth. As before the car
came decked out with its trademark "whale-tail" spoiler plus uprated
brakes to cope with the extra power (now 224bhp), and a new front

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo

This not only reflects on Ford Australia and its ability to build a world class
inline six-cylinder mill, but the fact that it's turbocharged, and that the
engine and gearbox and limited slip differential all work together in
relative harmony is an altogether exciting experience.

Ferrari 166 MM

What set the 166 MM apart from the previous Ferrari racers was the new
car's body design and construction, for which a third party was
commissioned. What the small car needed was a lightweight body; a task
ideally suited for Touring of Milan whose Superleggera designs were the
lightest available.

Land Rover Discovery

No question about it, Land Rover has created one of the most desirable
off-roaders. Nothing will beat it off-road, and with vastly improved space
and on-road manners, the Disco really rocks.

Fiat Panda

The Panda is not a technological tour de force, nor does it set any new
benchmarks in the city car sector, but it's (almost) everything you'd hope
it would be, and is in the spirit of earlier, much-loved small Fiats.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk V

The Mk5 version is a properly focused hot hatchback with the easy,
deep-seated pulling power that made the old eight-valve Mk2 such a
disdainfully capable point-to-point car (only now there's much more of it)
and a driving feel at once keen-edged and forgiving.

Subaru Legacy GT Spec B

Subaru made the decision to abandon the old and come out with
something new from the ground up. This is a very important car for
Subaru, literally it's future here in Japan and overseas. Think of it as a
larger WRX STi

Lotus Carlton

Like the Phaeton V10, from the what-were-they-thinking-of file. Take one
ordinary saloon, install a mad twin-turbo engine and a chassis by Lotus.
Result? The then fastest saloon car on the planet. Just short of 180mph,
since you ask.

Vauxhall Monaro VXR

Although styling has been little changed, the VXR can now be picked out
by its nostril-style bonnet vents, nestling around the bulging bonnet, quad
tailpipes at the rear and new-design 19-inch alloy wheels.

Ferrari 550

The first production front-engined two-seat Ferrari since the Daytona, the
550 Maranello was, like almost all its predecessors, designed by
Pininfarina and features various design cues from classic Ferraris.

Skoda Octavia

This is effectively a roomier Golf at a lower price. The Octavia is a
complete and very capable car, and a very smart buy which should bury
any lingering Skoda stigma for good.

and that's your lot for 1 vote. I hope to move onto 2 shortly. Hope you are still liking this. :)
I'm surprised the Carlton only got one vote, but I may be responsible for the CTS-V and the 240Z. I don't remember. :blush:

Any info on the Spec B, and if/when it's coming to America?

Edit: By the way, the Phateon has a W12, not a V10. Just letting you know. :)
WOW, well we know who voted for the SLK, but why is the CTS-V here? And what's possibly even more scacrelegious, the 1 Series??!! This is throwing up some interesting voting!! The Golf GTI only got ONE vote!!?? It wasn't me I must say, but that's a damn surprise. Only one of the cars I voted for has come up so far, excellent!!
BMW 1 series? Skoda Octavia? Fiat Panda?????? :huh:
No offense, but errrrm...
Other than that lotsa good cars. Don't think any of my votes are in this part of the list though. :)
BlaRo said:
I'm surprised the Carlton only got one vote, but I may be responsible for the CTS-V and the 240Z. I don't remember. :blush:

Any info on the Spec B, and if/when it's coming to America?

Edit: By the way, the Phateon has a W12, not a V10. Just letting you know. :)

No, I'm responsable for the CTS-V, as well as the MC-12. That's 3 of my 10 that only got one vote...
I'm absolutely astonished by the fact that apart from the Audi 200 (vote influenced by personal memories mainly) NONE of the cars I voted for is to be found in any of the two lists - my compliments for your votes :thumbup:
Crud, that's three of mine in one fell swoop: DB7, XK8, and MR2. Note to self, don't choose cars with two letters and one numeral in their name. Or if I do, at least pick the DB5 and RX-7.

And fbc, where were you when we needed MR2 solidarity? :cry:
I'm absolutely astonished by the fact that apart from the Audi 200 (vote influenced by personal memories mainly) NONE of the cars I voted for is to be found in any of the two lists - my compliments for your votes :thumbup:

Edit: and now that I've noticed this post I've absolutely no idea how I managed to post it twice
Yup, I've been surprised at some of those cars getting even one vote (sorry to those who did vote for them, I'm sure there's a good reason!!!) - such as the
Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 or the Skoda Octavia. Top 10... hmmm...

And once again none of the cars I voted for showed up here either. 8)

Thanks Overheat for the great piccys and descriptions and putting all this together!! :thumbup:
the Range Rover in the pic is the RR Sport.
Well, I am flabergasted...

I voted for the 944 Turbo, Overheat, is that the 944 that got one vote? If so, thats the only vote of mine that has been in the One Vote sections which is interesting... Who voted for the XR6T?

And the DIsco, how did that only get one vote? wow!
p0w3r said:
NONE of the cars i picked have only one vote...awesome!! :D :thumbsup:

Labcoatguy said:
Edit: And fbc, where were you when we needed MR2 solidarity? :cry:

:comfort: As much as I love my MR2, it's not in my Top 10 cars of all-time (Top 100 yes, but not Top 10)

Were you voting for a particular model? Just wondering as Overheat's posted a comment about the current one - but imho it's the original AW11 that's the significant model.

There's some, errr, interesting choices people have included in their Top 10's....
Sweet, once again none of my cars are in the list. W00t!

Still pushing for a title for Overheat "Hero of FinalGear" .