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Dec 5, 2004
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i hereby declare this new bridge.... OPEN

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I like the bridge design. Thanks for extending it to my mountain.

I'm starting to make a nether hub with rail system. My lair mountain stronghold has the first nether portal, and I'll do town, my mine and anywhere else people want. If you make a nether portal that you want hooked into a rail system, post the coordinates of it in the nether and I'll add it to the list below so someone can work on connecting it. Hopefully eventually we'll have a great portal rail system to make travel easy.

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very nice
I have finished the main nether hub entrence on the top-world side.


Now I'm out of smooth stone and stone brick. It's a good thing I have so much normal cobble, heh. :mrgreen:
That looks sweet Ice.

Unfortunately my idea of a rail network using nether portals was misguided. You can ride minecarts through MultiVerse portals (which are created by clicking a rectangle of blocks and typing commands, rather than making a portal outline in Obsidian and lighting it on fire), but not through Nether Portals. Oh well, at least the Nether can be used as a regular walking transit hub.

At some point if the world gets really big I might investigate the MultiVerse portals further, but regional rail on the main world side should do for now. <3 rail lines.
Well, the way we could do it is have people walk away from spawn more than 1024 blocks, find some landscape they like, claim it, make a nether portal and connect it back to the nether hub. Then you can make a rail system to connect the portals too.
just use the trains @ nether!

thats how the peeps @ mindcrack did it.
If/when our world gets big enough to warrant it, that's what we'll do.
After I build a few more buildings at spawn and supervise the building of some others, so they're up to the same quality standards I expect of myself, I'm off to find a good plot. I have a wicked design in mind for my main residence.
And my inn's main structure has been finished.

I might do something crazy with the roof line, but I'd say it's done.
Per the results of our poll, Creeper explosions now damage terrain. Don't let them explode near your home!
I fixed teleportation to The End. Now it doesn't stick you on a platform 1000m from the ender dragon island.
Question: do you have poison turned off? We found 5 baby spider spawners near the stronghold, none of them poisoned me. :S
Not as far as I know.
Now that the 1.4.6 update have been released, is the server gonna be updated fairly soon or are we waiting for plugins to be updated?
Let me tell you, I'm pretty damn lonely on the Tekkit server.
Let me tell you, I'm pretty damn lonely on the Tekkit server.

we still have one????

anyway rule of thumb on minecraft on finalgear: updating your client takes time :lol:
Has anyone actually set their base anywhere near spawn?

we still have one????

Of course. I prefer Tekkit myself, was rather wrong in thinking that other people do as well, though. Huh.
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