FinalCraft Server Talk


Server outage caused a rollback to a really old backup. PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE A RECENT BACKUP. >_<
We can rebuild it, we have the technology.
Well, now there's a 30 minute backup cron in place. And we have creative temporarily to rebuild.
Did my house-boat-boat-house-boat survive?
Yes. That abomination is still clinging to the city wall like a shit on velcro. :p
FinalCraft Server Talk

I'll probably be removing creative by the end of the weekend, so finish up your cheating.
Well, I got my inn back and the station is halfway built. I'll try to finish the tower today, since I won't have much time over the weekend. :(
I removed creative.
Any recommendations on where to mine? Everything seems picked clean near the town. :(
I'd say east, that's really unexplored, unless Quiky had something to do with it.

I did find a cave or two before I got bored and gave up. As much as I try I just don't think I can get into vanilla Minecraft. I don't mind mining per se but I want more of a reason to go mining than to just build a house. Back to Tekkit I go. :(
btw: I rejoined yesterday after month, just for the fun of it, and lasted like 2 minutes ;). Why? Can't break blocks - warning, can't swear - warning, can't attack people three strikes and kicked :D. Oh and the attacking was pure self-defense against Ice and Dino :p
I promoted you to builder, you can do those things now. I thought you'd rejoin after you got kicked to your full status. :p
I was too bored to do so, but not bored enough actually play mc :D. I just installed it freshly and then tried if the server is still active :D.
Didn't kill a single player during my rampage.

I need a sword.
The web map is no longer updating-- PacketCollision- how do we restart/regenerate it?
i started on doing 64x64 pyramid with a twist :3