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Shouldn't it be odd numbered? :p

nah, when someone tried to make 100x100 pyramid, he accidentally made 101x101.
so i'm keeping with the stack of sandstone as a base (also sandstone eats sand like mental).
Yeah, but if you want to put a beacon in it, for instance, it'll have to be odd numbered.
Yeah, you want it to be odd numbered so there's only a single block at the top rather than 4.
but 4 blocks are cooler, since the last pyramid had 1 block @ the top

edit. and the beacon needs too much stuff to build so not gonna bother.
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Yes it should. We learned that when I built mine, starting with a planned 100x100, noticing somewhere half way through that this will not result in a 1-block-top, I decided to dealwithit, just to find out that it actually did work out, because when (Galantti? Or was it Loz?) and I set the cornerstones at the beginning, we obviously failed and accidentally made it 101x101 :D.
i think it was me, and now i build 1 side with 64 blocks and 2 with 63 and last one with 62 blocks in stack :p
We now have a working ender ender. It currently has 3 platforms for spawning endermen and pushing them to their doom, more will be added if we need a larger supply of enderpearls.