No 56k: FinalGear around the world care package - Progress & Photo thread

So as I happened to be the one who started it, here I am, and the little Viper!

Another shot, just the car + "landmark":

Package will be shipped to D-Fence most likely tomorrow.

Oh and while I was there, I made the mode-viper meet a real supercar. Will probably be the last one till it reaches the real viper ;).

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Fair does, but what did Merc World think of it...? :lol: NEIN NEIN NEIN GET ZIS OUT OF HIER!!!

Also; someone needs to paint over the 2006 with 2008 :p And cut the roof off.
Merc-world does obviously not care about the SLS parked there. Its - together with the E550 from Transformers 1567 parked outside on the areal under some trees. Almost looks like its left to rott :D. Just look at the discs, it wasn't driven recently, it was dirty all around, and nobody cared for me abusing it to take pics of a toy-viper ;).
I meant the T-Shirt :lol: But that's not great just leaving a couple of cars out there. Did you make sure they knew you would happily take either of them off their hands for no cost to them? Just in case.
Nice to see the little Viper has finally begun its world tour. :D

I suppose I'd better start thinking of somewhere interesting to take a picture then. :think:
I almost shipped it yesterday, but without a post card. As I had no clue what card in terms of motive to get, I went for something symbolic.

Package officially shipped 20 Minutes ago.
Destination: D-Fence.
- :viper:
- post card
- something small but probably useful for D-Fence :mrgreen:

May it not get lost !:james:
Oh and: I hereby start a side-challange: Take a picture of the viper on other - real - supercars! I started off with the SLS :mrgreen:

Participation ofc completely voluntarily, pics can be posted in either of the threads, I don't mind :D.
[...]- 1,000,000,000 points if its Viper's Viper.
why minus?

Now if D-Fence flies to Umerica, stalkes Viper and his Viper and can take a Photo of Vipers Viper with the Viper (read it fast 3 times to summon Viperjuice!) ... then flies back and posts the pics here ... well, then I think Things might have gotten a little bit out of hand ... but also epic win.
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