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No 56k: FinalGear around the world care package - Progress & Photo thread

Pic spam!!!

So, the cars came into work with me yesterday to help me with some radiation measurements I needed to take.

Checking the phantom is correctly set up:

Ensuring the linac is ready for use

Then it was their turn to be irradiated. (x-ray images here.

Waiting their turn to go into the treatment room:

Positioned on the treatment couch:

X-ray treatment machine moved into position:

And, well, because LASERS!!!

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Two things:

1.) Awesome! :D
Thank you :D

2.) 12MB/jpeg was totally neccessary, right? ;)
Yup! They were 25MB before I edited them :p

So, how long until they develop super powers?

Dunno, they only received about 1Gy dose, but it was a whole body dose which actually carries a 5% risk of death within 6-8 weeks, by which time they'll be with Archie, so he'll have to deal with the consequences!
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So will I need to wear lead clothing and a radiation detector when these things finally get to me? :p
Do they have a Geiger counter at the office, he-he? Can you check how radioactive they are before sending them on?

I was going to make them each a cape and everything!
It's like they went in the microwave, but they didn't feel as warm. :D :p

Oh trust me, they were pretty warm after being irradiated. But the radiation doesn't stick around - it's gone the minute the machine is switched off.
they're not crawling with crabs and syphillus anymore, is all.
Are you confessing something here?
Pretty sure the cars touched Ice's balls.

This radiation is for the best.