No 56k: FinalGear around the world care package - Progress & Photo thread

I received an SMS from the North Atlantic earlier today......

Can't get internet so no FG but you can tell them the car has seen the total eclipse, a whale and been on the bridge of the ship to meet the Captain.

There should be an epic picdump on the way. Iceland is especially photogenic, particularly in the kind of sunlight you get there around this time of year and he-he is usually packing decent camera equipment.
Epic pic dump will indeed follow when I get home - until then you'll have to make do with this. The Viper was involved in a riotous party at The Captain's Table at dinner last night :blush:

Drinking is sort of what it does, so no :beer:

Drinking gas at a gas station is nearly a Viper's natural habitat. :p
'Kay. Few pics (and yes, sorry, they're HUGE, so I've posted the thumbnails. Click on them if you dare!):

Entering the cabin

Having a jacuzzi bath (yes, we had a spa bath in the cabin, we know how to live!!)

Settling down for a snooooooze

Lookout station on the Bridge

Checking the Bridge radar

Discussing course corrections with the Captain (he was awesome letting me get away with all of this!)

Looking out over Torshavn, capital city of The Faroe Islands and first port of call on the cruise

Finally (for now!) the eclipse. Yes, this is a 'shop, but only 'cos it was impossible to get both the eclipse and the car with the same exposure, especially as I had the solar filter on for the eclipse bit :lol: And 'cos I wasn't using a tripod (no point on a moving boat) and it was a very wide angle lens, the two shots were at slightly different perspective. Plus I've had to dodge the viper (no pun intended!!) to get it to stand out so it's a bit noisy. Yeah, yeah I know, racing-driver's-excuses. BUT VIPER AND ECLIPSE :dance:

I'm still editing gazillions more photos so will add them in bulk as I get to them - other photos of my holiday can be found here if anyone's interested, again gradually being updated. Fbook will of course do it's usual crap to the photos, so I might post any I think are good enough in the lens flair thread. Maybe. I'm a bit shy, you know :blush: