No 56k: FinalGear around the world care package - Progress & Photo thread

D-Fence being our doodle-guy here should start a poll where the package will be lost.. europe/south america/asia etc :D. Or who will ship it but forget to include the viper, or will ship it on without taking a picture.. :D so many possible fails out there :mrgreen:
I got $5 on Pedocras keying it...

and another $5 on Ice flipping it.


I have delivery. And my friend slept through it, you are safe Thomas. :D

Also, I am not even on the list. And I started a "sign who had it" list on the inside of the cardboard box. Bubas adress aquired. Will think of sth to do with Viper and report back. :)
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I already have a ticket for my whole state from Uni. Using it heavily (only when getting drunk but still D:)
I don't care :D. For me it was worth the fun :D. Because right now I picture your face in that moment where you wondered what the fuck that is while unfolding the paper :mrgreen:
I wondered that it actually was useful and not a ticket from some random south German town :D
Luckily you don't read the 1-forums that much ;). I made a guy from there get and send me an actual valid ticket from the Essen-area :mrgreen:.
This is awesome :) Looking forward to it reaching Australia.
lies. the viper got stuck up your bum and you're too embarrassed to see a doctor.
^ Thesis looks like SRS BZNZ, with graphs n shit :)