FinalGear Bi-Weekly Photo Assignment #3 - THE WINNER!

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Jun 21, 2005
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Alright, I was hoping that more people would vote, but I think we've hit the wall as far as votes are concerned.

This contest's winner is far too talented for his own darn good, as he becomes the first two-time winner after only 3 contests! That's right, Cosworth has done it again! His image, "Advice" squeaked to victory with 29 points, only 4 points more than the second-place finisher.


That second-place finisher, with his image "Dwarfed," garnered 25 points... but he hasn't responded to my email asking for his username, so he'll have to step forward and identify himself!

Edit: It looks like ryosuke was our mystery man, so there you have iit.


Third place in the tight three-way race was only one point behind the runner-up. That's right, the top 3 entries were only seperated by 5 points! Talk about close competition! The image, courtesy of Inflex, is called "Street Music" and got 24 points.


Images and photogs:

Cosworth - "Advice"
BerserkerCatSplat - "Blargh!"
Unknown - "Dwarfed"
Iben - "Walk"
Inflex - "Street Music"
v0od0o - "Folk Life Collage"
MonkeyMax - "Scruff II"

Thanks again, folks! Great job as usual, and the closest contest yet! :thumbsup:
congrats cossie! :D

as for the second place, thats mine, i don't e-mail much so i rarely check my box. ;)
anyway, i would have never expected to get much votes. :shock:
Congrats guys :)
And thanks again BerserkerCatSplat for doing this :)
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