FinalGear Bi-Weekly Photo Assignment #4 - "Cars"

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Mischief007 said:
1024 x 768 fine??

Just asking because you say 1000 maximum.

Yeah, no big deal. I just picked 1000 because it was a nice round number. I'll resize anything excessive, though.
I hope you got my entry, and everything is fine :thumbsup:
Nah.. Just got out today to do something, cos I'm not going to have time for a while now :( .
:twisted: to sort through my ~972 pictures from the auto-X yesterday. Thank the maker for 2GB compactflash, my Canon G2, and burst-shot mode.
^Damn you :p
^ :p

It's not fair, there is no photo worthy cars around where i live :(
^^ Any car is photo worthy, it just depends what it's doing.

I may try a picture, we'll just have to see what I find.
doesn't need to be a photo of a car... just fit the theme. It's always interesting to see what someone comes up with in contests like this since the themes are usually left pretty open. I look forward to seeing a lot of different photos for this round :thumbsup:
I'm gone to Edmonton with only limited Internet (and no file access) for the next 3 days, so it'll be impossible for me to make the new threads and announce the winner of the last contest. I'll try to have them up Sunday night if I get home then, if not it'll be done Monday afternoon. :) (I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be home on time!)
Cosworth said:
Wont make the deadline on this one, due to a medical emergency

I hope you are fine :comfort:
OK, since you seem to have mended yourself, go ahead and submit an image if you have one. I'll hold off on creating the voting thread until you do. Glad to hear everything's OK.
I actually took a few ones but decided not to submit because they were all of my car so it'd have been too obvious :oops:
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