FinalGear Bi-Weekly Photo Assignment #4 - VOTING ROUND

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Jun 21, 2005
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12 entries this time around, lots of good quality shots!!

Here's how to vote:

1. Select what you think are the three best photos from the entries.

2. Post the titles of all three of them in order of 1st being the best, and working downwards.

Here's an example of what a vote-post should look:

1. "David Hasselhoff"
2. "I Like Pie"
3. "Another Burn Ward"

From this, I would assign "David Hasselhoff" 3 points, "I Like Pie" gets 2 points, and "Another Burn Ward" would get 1 point.

At the end of the week, I will tally the points and declare the winner!

If there's any confision about the voting process, feel free to ask a question here and I'll try to explain in better detail.

Please vote, everyone, but please don't vote for your own image! If you do, I'll know! :evil:

Without further ado, here are the entries!

"Lotus (1)"

"Lotus (2)"


"Success and Failure"

"Maserati am Nuerburgring"

"Driving in Circles"

"The Wait"

"Where are the Cars?"

"A Look This Car Sees Every Day"

"Late Again"

"On a Knife Edge"

"BWP (Boring White Porsche"

Alrighty, get voting! :mrgreen:
1. Driving in Circles
2. On a knife's edge
3. The Wait

Hurt me to choose between my number 1 & 2. Awesome licence plate on the M3.

And excellent pics everyone :thumbsup:
Wooho, the voting round I've been looking forward so much - thanks again for the organisation, BCS!

Hard to choose this time because the subjects are naturally very similar. Here's my vote:

1. The wait
2. Lotus
3. Success and failure

And I guess I know the origin of at least two other pictures than mine :)
Dam this was a hard one to choose from!!

1. On a knife edge
2. Driving in circles
3. The wait
1.: Where are the Cars?
2.: On a Knife Edge
3.: Success and Failure
Yay! The thread is up!

1. "Success and Failure"
2. "A Look This Car Sees Every Day" - sorry, gotta vote for the E30 :D and what an E30!
3. "Where are the Cars?"
1) Driving in Circles
2) Success and Failure
3) Where are the Cars?

And BTW what is on the bonnet of Lotus(1)?
1. Driving in Circles
2. The Wait
3. Success and Failure - even though i hate how cluttered this picture is, the situation is just dang interesting.
1. Driving in Circles
2. Where are the Cars?
3. On a Knife Edge
1.Success and Failure
2.Late Again
3.Where are the Cars?

Some REALLY awesome shots there, hard to pick the 3 best and even harder to put them in order.

A really big thumbs up to all the participants from me!!!
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