> FinalGear Bi-Weekly Photo Assignment #7 - VOTING ROUND

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Jun 21, 2005
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Here's how to vote:

1. Select what you think are the three best photos from the entries.

2. Post the titles of all three of them in order of 1st being the best, and working downwards.

Here's an example of what a vote-post should look:

1. "David Hasselhoff"
2. "I Like Pie"
3. "Another Burn Ward"

From this, I would assign "David Hasselhoff" 3 points, "I Like Pie" gets 2 points, and "Another Burn Ward" would get 1 point.

At the end of the week, I will tally the points and declare the winner!

If there's any confusion about the voting process, feel free to ask a question here and I'll try to explain in better detail.

Please vote, everyone, but please don't vote for your own image! If you do, I'll know! :evil:

Without further ado, here are the entries!

"Style of Sound"


"Country Style"

"Rock and Roll"

Vote away!
1. Country Style
2. Style of Sound
3. Industrial
1. Country Style
2. Industrial
3. Rock and Roll
1. country
2. industrial
3. style of sound
1. Country Style
2. Industrial
3. Style of sound.
1. Country Style
2. Industrial
3. Style of sound.
3.rock und roll
Theme: "Style" - Alright, the assignments are back!! School's back in, so I've finally got time to run them again. Shall we kick things off with an interesting topic, hm? This week's topic is "Style." Cars have style, both good and bad. Artists have style. Some of you could make a Chicken McNugget have style if you tried. So for the next couple of weeks, try to portray something with style.
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