FinalGear Bi-Weekly Photo Assignment #8 - VOTING ROUND

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Jun 21, 2005
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Here's how to vote:

1. Select what you think are the three best photos from the entries.

2. Post the titles of all three of them in order of 1st being the best, and working downwards.

Here's an example of what a vote-post should look:

1. "David Hasselhoff"
2. "I Like Pie"
3. "Another Burn Ward"

From this, I would assign "David Hasselhoff" 3 points, "I Like Pie" gets 2 points, and "Another Burn Ward" would get 1 point.

At the end of the week, I will tally the points and declare the winner!

If there's any confusion about the voting process, feel free to ask a question here and I'll try to explain in better detail.

Please vote, everyone, but please don't vote for your own image! If you do, I'll know! :evil:

Without further ado, here are the entries!

(Note: my EXIF editor borked, so the EXIF is intact in these images. Please refrain from viewing it until after you've voted.)

"Field of Yellow"

"New Life"

"Spring Blues"

"Rain in May"

"Spring Daredevil"


Vote, vote! :D
1. "Opium"
2. "Field of yellow"
3. "Spring Blues"

Had to go the flower way considering the theme, although some of them seem to be a little bit underexposed!
1. Field of Yellow
2. New Life
3. Opium
1) rain in may
2) dare devil
3) and if i have to chose.... opium...just because the flower looks quite crisp, looks like it was shot on a overcast day, it just doesnt seem vibrant enough. (or it could be this gash monitor at work)
1: New Life
2: Opium
3: Spring Daredevil
1. Spring Daredevil
2. Rain In May
3. Field of Yellow
1 Rain in May
2. Spring Daredevil
3. New Life
1: New Life
2: Rain in May
3: Opium

Hard choice between spring daredevil and opium...

BCS - thanks for offering me the chance to enter late, but before you opened this thread. unfortunately work stuff meant I couldn't get online in time to read your message... Next time...
1. Spring Blues
2. Field of Yellow
3. Rain in May - Very similar style to one that BCS once posted! However, I'm voting for this since it captures the story of my Spring so far... lots of rain!
1. Rain In May
2. New Life
3. Opium
1. New Life
2. Field of Yellow
3. Spring Blues

When I think Spring I think new life - spring lambs, ducklings etc. so the new life pic just works for me. Besides that I just love the composition on the field of yellow, not to mention the colour (looks super sexy on my Bravia - hehe) and finally the blue flower is just a great colour contrast, though less reminding me of Spring.

Not sure if I'm meant to give an explanation, but I wanted to! Tell me off if I was naughty and I'll not do it again.

Great competition thing by the way - I hope to participate sometime :)
1. Spring Daredevil
2. Spring Blues
3. New Life
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