FinalGear Bi-Weekly Photo Assignment #9 - THE WINNER

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Jun 21, 2005
Alberta, Canada
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Scads of great entries for our "Night" contest! The photographic talent of this forum continues to astound me, it just keeps getting better. For a pokey little car forum, I don't think we're doing half bad!

In reverse order!

In third place, with 15 points, is labcoatguy's photo, "Wee Hours."


In second place, with 24 points, is damnhawk's "Sleeping Giant."


And running away with the victory, for the second time in a row, is Flamingice, with his stunning photo, "Grandeur at Midnight"! The photo garnered 45 points!


Thanks again to all the participants, we'll see you next contest! :mrgreen:

Here's the photos and shooters:

Flamingice - "Grandeur at Midnight" (45 pts)
damnhawk - "Sleeping Giant" (24 pts)
labcoatguy - "Wee Hours" (15 pts)
mgkdk - "Animal Watching" (12 pts)
monkeymax - "Pumping Station" (11 pts)
BerserkerCatSplat - "Fountains of Light" (7 pts)
avidvideo - "Office Tower" (7 pts)
Alok - "Untitled" (7 pts)
Raparperi - "Colors of the Night" (3 pts)
Congrats to flamingice! A runaway winner!
Congrats flamingice - the entries were probably the best of any of the assignments so far, well done guys.
Good job all! I was surprised that you all liked that so much! That is Shannon's from Teckademics 1xxx hp R33, he hasnt been driving it lately hence the "sleeping" bit....
Congratulations flamingice, great photos everyone, keep up the good work.
Flamingice, that pic ROCKS! As soon as I saw it, I knew I was done... :bow:
FlamingIce, you absolutely deserved it. Where was that picture shot, by the way?
Awesome shot to all the winners, well deserved! Cant wait for the next contest
Thanks for all the votes and comments, and congrats to all the other entrants and winners!

The shot was taken in Stuttgart, Germany.
Well done all and congratulations to the winners! It was a great one this one!

Can't wait for the next one!
I had a great time shooting for this contest... bring on the next one!
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