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"FinalGear.com Forum Forum Index"


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Mar 19, 2005
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Is this supposed to be like this :huh:

But why is it "Forum Forum" one place and only "Forum" in the other shouldn't is be the same :|
Try and stay with me here:

The second thing you highlighted- "Finalgear Forum" is the name of the forum. "Forum index" is just...i dunno, forum index. Thats why you see forum twice.

But yeh I get what you mean, it looks weird..
Perhaps to avoid more confusion a : should be put in between both 'Forum'
or the >> that is used if you enter a section. that may be between the two "forum"s as well i think
No, it's not. I had fixed it before in the language file, but the language file got replaced yesterday when I upgraded phpBB. ;)

I'll fix it again.
:think: When did I make this :p
I split it outta the thread you posted it in. You posted it in the bugs thread for the site. ;)
^ Yeah I found out, just got a little confused :? maybe I should just go to bed
Didn't want to make another thread, but it's happend again.

And the 'all' button is blank, and there is a square-thingy under the first smilie :huh:

^ Yup :)

Ohh, and there is an extra square in the options.
Is this some kind of April Fool's joke that's been sprung a wee bit too early?
I upgraded phpBB yesterday and thought I copied over all of the needed language items, but I guess I missed some. :(