I'll take one.

XL for me! Nice logo. ;)

EDIT: Forgot the postcode: Slovenia 8270
We can go to children's sizes too..

probably YL then
If it weren't for the colour i'd get two :( prolly best to wait till Sept. and get some XXXLs :D
One L for me to .dk
Hmm... I actually forgot what the sizes were (and too lazy to scroll back) but I'll take one copy in the largest size.

Postocde 02630
Put me down for an XL.

PC: 92037
Who makes the shirts? I'm asking because I'm usually a XXL but this one brand I have to get XXXL :(
Gildan Ultra Cotton T

Depending on shipping charges to Brazil, I'll want one (at least).
Postage to brazil is about $10.

Are these the kind of Slim fit ones?
See top of this post.

If they are still there. I'll have one.

Australia Postcode 2060
What size?

Thanks to everyone ordering so far!
I'm setting up a proper order system for everyone, so it should be active tonight to enter your address information. Once we recieve the shirts, we will get the final postage cost calculated.

Shipping will start on July 30th.
Where do we go to pay?
Put me down for one XXL to Canada.

BTW, really cool design! :thumbup:
Put me down for a Medium.

Iceland, postcode 815.
Great idea! Count me in for a medium. 19002.
What if I made an order, but have to cancel it due to parents suddenly going mad and grounding me from everything?