FinalGear Shirts and Hoodies from the FinalGear Classic Collection!

So how does this redbubble-thing work? I get my prices in ? - so are they printed somewhere in Europe, not in the states? I wouldn?t mind, less potential fuss with customs ...
They are based in the US iirc, but they have shipping agreements so they can quote you local prices
Ah the shirt that must not be mentioned, I asked PB about it and he said with all the bad memories, not sure if Q will add it back

Guess I missed that drama. Too bad because it's a great design.
Guess I missed that drama. Too bad because it's a great design.

agree, I want to bug Q to stick it for sale anyway, monies are monies
I don't have the original designs for it-- if IceBone can find them, then we will sell it. Only restriction will be one-side only for the design.
I'm thinking Oh Cock!, Careless Air, and Supercharged Ts for round one. Maybe a Usual Suspects and Some Say on down the road. The Oversteer and Dino designs make me laugh and giggle like a schoolgirl every time I read them. Am I right to assume that the prints are available as a single print on the front or back, and not the same thing printed on both sides? Also, is there a Final Gear logo on the side opposite the design, if they are in fact one sided designs?
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All the designs are single sided. What you see on RedBubble is what you get.
Hoodies!!! Just add dinosaurs me thinks...:cool:
Awesome! Just ordered 5 shirts for a friend and me. Pretty good prices here in Germany, no shirt was more than 20?.
Ordered a Scandinavian Flick and Oversteer shirt. Not bad at all at ?38 for them both; but even so I'm a poor student and probably shouldn't be buying them anyway. But it all goes to keeping FG as it should be; here.
I don't like the Final Gear logo placement on the Dinosaurs shirt... it would make more sense with the logo below the slogan.

Sidenote: I wear my OG Dinosaur shirt to the airport all the time and it is an AWESOME way to meet new and interesting people. I sometimes rock the I was the Stig shirt too... I get a lot of "what is a stig" questions from cute girls with that one.
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My Outlines LS T Shirt and Oversteer hoodie ordered Fri 16th, despatched Mon 19th, arrived Mon 26th. No customs issues/payments.

Plan to give the former an airing at Goodwood Breakfast Club next Sunday. Might even post a pic if I can be arsed.