FinalGear Shirts and Hoodies from the FinalGear Classic Collection!

Woot, my Careless Air T-shirt got here yesterday, after being ordered and dispatched on the 23rd(!) :D
Yeah mine arrived yesterday (also having ordered on the 23rd) and I'm rocking my yellow Oversteer shirt today! :D Excellentness!
mine arrived Tuesday (well, it was probably here earlier but I was away from last Wednesday to Monday night, lol) wearing it at work today but it would be difficult to see under my jacket :lol:
Just got my scandinavian flick and utter pirates t-shirts. :D

Good idea with bringing back old designs.
I really have to order one...
Long time since this thread had a post. I'm going to have to look at renewing my FG shirts, the old ones are really showing their age now and it's a shame. Glad to see that my favourite designs are still available.

Also, are there still plans to add new shirts? There was a thread last year that kind of fizzled out and came to nothing. I haven't used Redbubble myself but I assume there's no limit on the number of shirts you can have. Is it time we started 'auditioning' for a new batch? :)
Last year wasnt a screenprinting affair because Q was moving, RedBubble earns good for the site, but quality imo is lower, the sales are better provided they keep social media and promotion up, but Quiky and Viper have full time jobs and they haven't handed over the reins to anyone. I'm all for it, but it just stagnates as everyone now has a life :/
Vote 1 for Blayde as head of marketing?
Hi guys, I'm just wondering if this is still "a thing?"

I've now owned my S/Ced Chevy Small Block for over 4 years now, and I've never gotten ahold of that Don't Charge, Supercharge shirt... so I'd like to remedy that.

This thread is almost 6 years old, though, and last post was over 4 years ago... so I figure that I better check in, to make sure that the shop is still making them and also the proceeds still go to this site.
Yeah, I guess they still makes them... because here they are!

I should get replacements for my old ones like that design, I still have the originals but they're only good for wearing around the house. I have a Scandinavian Flick shirt from RB around here somewhere but it's hiding...