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Finally bought it


Lazier than Viper
Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
2007 BMW Z4 3.0 SI
my iTrip mini.

But since iTunes sucks, I accidently deleted everything on my iPod (gosh, and apple guys who say microsoft is evil... :roll: ) so I'm filling it again, and I'll try it soon. I hope the quality won't be too bad, anyway I got it for $50, which is $10 less than normal, so I'm quite happy
Seems to work well on a regular radio, not too bad in range, if I put it really close to the antenna, I can even air on a used radio channel :lol: this will be fun haha

However the sound output isn't loud, you have to crank up the volume, but it might also be my shitty radio.

The real test will be in a car, I'll try it tonight or tomorrow
Well I use it for playlists and stuff.

Tried the iTrip in my father's malibu, worked "OK" I'd say.

Again, output sound isn't loud enough, you gotta crank up the radio's volume a lot. It's also very hard to find a good clean channel.

But range and quality seemed "ok"

I'll have to use it more to do my final verdict, but so far it's about as I had expected, maybe a bit inferior, but I always have high hopes
why does it matter if all ur songs are deleted aint they still on ur computer? u should put it all in one folder, so if u do delte them all just import them all with one click =D

i was gonna get a itrip but in hk there is one made by a china company. the only con, is that its only got 5 freqencies which is enough. but the big pro is that it got a car charger with it! so it does drain ur ipod one! and it looks jsut likethe belkin one.

it was 89 HKD so like 11USD?
I have the Belkin FM Radio transmitter, quite a cool accesory... but now its just sitting in my drawer, I barely use it now :lol:
my iTrip is small, fits well on the iPod and that was important for me, I didn't want an ugly, bulky, full of wires thing like some competitors offer.

EDIT: just tried it, seemed to work better in the Cavalier, output was a bit louder and quality better (wasn't driving though so we'll see)

but the radio needs more output, quality ain't bad for a stock one in a cheap car, but I think I was at max already.. :lol:
the fm transmittors are funny... they work well in several cars and some they work really shit... on my dads lexus, somehow I couldn't even get a clear signal and the music was fuzzy all the way through, but when I tried it on other cars, it worked perfectly
Tried it while driving, quality is still good enough for me, but sometimes it fucked up, like I was getting interference..

I can't find a decent clean frequency :thumbsdown: