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Finally, Here it is. GT-R Proto.


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Jul 1, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec, VW Passat 118TSI
Here we go, the countdown to the Tokyo Motorshow!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!

Nissan has just updated their press site with the first of their motorshow info, and in the midst (or rather than the midst, at the top) the first sketch of the 2005 GT-R design study. Here it is



Nissan Press Release said:
Ultimate driving pleasure
?Exterior design close to final
?Official launch set for 2007

At the 35th Tokyo Motor Show in 2001, Nissan unveiled the GT-R Concept, confirming that the GT-R legend would be continued into the 21st century. Then, at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show in 2003, Nissan announced the next-generation GT-R would be rolled out in 2007. Now with the launch of the production model just two years away, the development of the new GT-R has moved ahead again with the reveal of the GT-R PROTO.

Ultimate driving pleasure
In essence, driving pleasure means that a car responds faithfully to the driver's wishes and performs precisely as expected. Successive generations of the GT-R have consistently pursued this vision of ultimate driving pleasure. Whether on the road or the racetrack, the GT-R has always represented ultimate performance combined with handling qualities that stay faithful to the driver?s wishes, in all conditions. As a result, the GT-R has built a reputation that extends far beyond just its loyal owner base.

Exterior design: pure performance
The design of the GT-R PROTO expresses pure GT-R heritage, coming from the first model PGC10 (1969) through R34 (1999), in a new and expressive form.
From its original roots as a pure-bred Japanese performance car, the new GT-R will now be a car sold globally, recognizing its ability to compete with the very best in the world. For the first time in its history, the new GT-R will be designed as a specific body style, and not derived from a sedan.
The design language of the GT-R PROTO is expressed by a distinctive body-style that communicates pure performance and functionality. The form of the GT-R PROTO instantly expresses its purpose and potential, but in a way that is unique to this iconic car.
At the front end, the single center air intake is designed to optimize airflow and to strongly link the identity of the GT-R from R34 to GT-R Concept (2001). Front fenders are uniquely designed through intensive analysis of the airflow around the tires, and the air vent behind the front fender also optimizes aerodynamics. The sides of the body are sculptured towards the rear fender, expressing the power and dynamic tension of the car.
The overall shape of the body combines solid and smooth surfaces to achieve the look of a well-trained athlete. The unique c-pillar crease is designed for optimum aerodynamics, reflecting the racing DNA of the GT-R.
The rear of the GT-R PROTO is strong and well defined. The signature four ring-shaped tail lamps provide an immediate visual link to previous GT-R models. Four large-bore exhaust pipes complete the purposeful look, which could only be that of a pure GT-R.
The GT-R PROTO provides for the first time a clear indication of the final design direction for the production model to be launched in 2007, the first all-new GT-R in eight years.

I'm EXCITED :drool:

Oh the other interesting tidbit of news, this was all on the NISSAN press website, NOT the Infiniti press website, also, note the shape of the badge on the back...
:drool: Really looking forward to that. Nice concept sketches too - though they have to be careful the rear end doesn't end up looking too Corvette-ish (yes I know the circular lights are a Skyline feature too)
Ferrari's doing the round taillights as well. While it's a distinguishing mark of all 3, they are all unique. To me, the Skyline is the only one that really owns it. The twins have been on the back of the GT-R since the original GT-R in 1969. The only one of the 3 to have it from the start and still have it.

Actually, if the back end looks like anything else, I'd say F360 and F430 are both very well represented on that lower rear end. Just look at the diffuser, the exhaust pipes and the openings the exhaust pipes are in...
^ Very true - I say Corvette-ish mainly due to the way the lights are recessed into a large single piece bumper, to me it just screams Corvette.

I see what you're saying about the lower section being Ferrari-ish.
Those round headlights were not on the original GT-R in 1969. They were a couple of rectangular ones.
The first Skyline with round taillights was the second generation in 1963.

I digress.
I am very interested in this new GT-R. It's actually the first to not share the Skyline platform. It might come with a supercar price as well as supercar performance.

I can't wait for this!
Yeah, they were kinda rectangular round. Still they were roundish twins, while the C1 only had singles. So for me, the GT-R owns the twin tails.

Ahhh, KPGC10.........So gooooood......

Back to the topic at hand. Interesting your comment about the GT-R not sharing the Skyline platform, Z. It is true that the GT-R is not going to be based off the Skyline. But the word is, the V36 Skyline will actually be based off the GT-R platform and the GT-R will carry the 36 designation rather than the 35. This makes sense as the GT-R was always incredibly cheap for what you got, and the best way to cut costs is to share development...

Another thing i like about the concept sketch, is that it looks like they kept those butt ugly headlights from the 2001 concept, but made them look good.
I cant wait either! It does look a little better since the last concept which was a bit fugly. But am I the only one who thinks the R32,33,34 era was pure classic and will always be the best throughout the ages??
I won't make comment about the 32,33,34 era being the best until i've seen the new one in production trim and tested.
Me likes it...very nice post Flying Fridge!
the front is meh but the ass looks amazing, kinda f430ish if you ask me. it has a good side profile as well :thumbsup:

i actually like the looks
Definitely gorgeous, but the front has that same cutout thingy as the Evo concept (and the Citroen AirLounge, according to Top Gear). Of course, since it reflects the 2001 concept it doesn't matter as much.

Definitely can't wait. I hope it looks as close to the drawings as possible. :woot:
i'm so sick of seeing all different pics of that new supposed to be skyline (and it's getting uglier with every pic)

the fucking thing is getting as stupid as that veyron

"yeah, we'll make a car, just wait a few more years..."

if you can't deliver, don't brag
ah, but bone this is the first OFFICIAL NISSAN pic since the GT-R concept in 2001. This is what it really WILL look like!! The press realease even says that this is pretty much what the real production version will look like in 2007!
Well this is certainly futuristic for sure, but I have my doubts that the actual thing will look like this. Like all concepts, they are all a stretch, so in following suit I think it won't look like this 100%.

As for how it looks: :drool: :drool: It's amazing, not as amazing as the EvoX, but its up there boy. Wow its amazing.
Don't you think it's a bit too supra-ish and eclipse-ish
*I can't explain it better than those 2 words*

Skyline GT-R supposed to be a coupe sedan
not that hatchback thing

I think that's more of the next gen of 300ZX rather than R34 GT-R
sydney_walker said:
DSkyline GT-R supposed to be a coupe sedan
not that hatchback thing


they're gonna make just another sportscar :roll:
My only contribution to this being:

I want one :woot: :drool:

Gorgeous. Even if some of the curves/shape are/is retained, it'll be fantastic.