Find-and-Photograph that car game


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Mar 4, 2007
Haifa, Israel
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Okay, so I thought of this idea for a game, in which one posts a name of a car (something pretty common, please don't post something like "Bugatti Veyron and if you can't find then Pagani Zonda F":lol:), then the first one to post a picture of that car gets the turn. But here's the catch: that picture must be photographed by yourself! So it's a race of finding a pic in the libraries or running out hysterically to photograph the neighbours' car. It doesn't matter in which camera you take the picture (Digital, Phone, MP4 Player etc.) as long as it's viewable, and it's you who took it. Good luck!^_^

Let's start the game with a common car: Peugeot 206

EDIT: two new rules added so a) there won't be stupid cheating, and b) the game will be easier.
1. The photo must be of a real-life car while you are in front of it (take that vegasrebel29 :p)
2. As I did below, several versions of the car can be photographed (Hatchback, Station Wagon, Cabrio) if some version is more common or something (as Mazda3 Sedan and hatchback)
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You already broke you own rule. It's impossible for anyone outside of Europe just about to get a picture of that car. :p
So the next one can post an American car then we will all have the chance. (I technically live in Asia and I can go out now and fine one. Not that the forums lack European members anyway)
I really like this idea but we'd have to come up with a way of preventing people from cheating. Granted, the person most likely to cheat was banned yesterday but still; Is there some rule we could come up with to stop people from just pulling pics off teh interwebs?

Something like: 'You're thumb must be partially obscuring the lens' or 'your shadow must be in frame and said shadow must show that you're standing like Jethro Tull'. Something like that... only less stupid, obviously.
Just write FG on your finger tip and show it.

I'm an asshole.

With that said, there's no way we can't leave a region out.
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You did indeed take a photograph of a picture, just as stated in the rules. :lol:
Okay I'll be ridiculous and post mi own request:
Now, so you guys won't be assholes, I'll post a more "global" car: FORD FOCUS
Also, Note the edit in the first post
Honestly I think this an interesing idea for a game, but it might be quite slow paced because, well... it may take a while until one is able to photograph the car. Also, I think most will wait until their own car is suggested.

And the Focus

Next, I'd like to see an Audi, I'm sure these are pretty common. :)
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Picture taken at an auto show :)

Gimme a car with more than 300 bhp
How about two? ;) Pic taken outside the local Italian/Mexican place in July.


Find me a Lambo!
How about a Superleggera?


Gimme some Aston plz!
Quite old ...

Show me a Bavarian Motor :mrgreen:
M badges on it give you a bonus :D