Find-and-Photograph that car game

Me again!

M5'll do you.


I want me a Ford Escort!
Damn, you wanna wait for a few hours until I get home? :-D

(<- ps. check my car)

Though I'm sure I'd see a few Escorts around the city if I wasn't at I have to photograph the car after someone has requested it or can I just show you an older picture of my car? :p
Well then, here's my Escort, picture taken over a year ago :p

And what next...hmm. How about a Lada? Preferably one of the older models with boxy exterior and round headlamps :mrgreen:
Find me a Lada or shut up :D

(regular springs/shocks/tires, and seems ok to me, the low angle the picture was taken from might make it seem higher than it actually is...and besides, it's not going on a track so what do I care, at least I don't get stuck on snow so easily) :p
I know of a Lada Niva parked a few kms from mi house, I should go there sometime. :?
Lada Niva from last years Frankfurt auto show. Great stickers!


Now get me a picture of a 70's Volvo!
Ah maaaaaaan! I just found that I DO have a picture of a Ford Escort. One which crashed and was upside down on my road :lol:
No. Chavs that speed down our road and lose control hitting a lamp-post/(mud) bank, rolling a couple of times, then ending up on the roof don't own Volvos.

If they had it would've kept rolling and ended up demolishing houses. That may have been more amusing though...
There you go:
Here's a rusty old Volvo 145.
Next one, how about a Volkswagen Golf GTI?
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Modded but a GTI none the less

Who can find a DeTomaso?
Taken a couple years ago with a crap camera phone at my office parking lot.



Can someone find a pic of a Toyota FJ40?
Does a BJ40 count?


Took this one about a year ago at my workshop before I bought it. had ambitions of turning it into a comp truck. Recently sold it and im regretting it

Fined me a non riced Toyota Supra