Find-and-Photograph that car game

^ But we had it for 5 years till 2004, so I can remember the car very clearly; and I could still remember that I was extremely angry at my dad for trading it in for a shitbox Corolla :p
The coup? from that gen was okay. Anyway I saw your Accord but couldn't be arsed to take a pic... :p
^ Someone's getting the Christmas Laziness Syndrome :p
My phone was under zipper and velcro in my jacket. :p
Woo! It feels good to have cool temperatures of 28 degree Celsius, and not having the need to wear bulky jackets or have cracked lips! :p
Yeah, but then you can't look cool like me.
Do you have pictures of yourself in every single piece of clothing you have? I haven't taken photos of myself since I was 14 :p

/This is turning into a "Find and photograph the darkshark game" :lol:
Who says I took that photo? :p
Did your new girlfriend did? :p

And have you managed to pull in chicks with the Merc?
1. Eh?

2. Maybe, but it also attracts pranksters...

3. Okay, I took it myself with a tripod... :p
Have the pranksters scratched your car or anything? :p

Why would you want to take a picture of yourself in an empty room (instead of in front of a statue/scenery)? :lol:
It's cold outside! :p
Is it your room/house pictured there?
Yeah, I took it outside of my house today. You think it's MySpace worthy??? :p
Do you have facebook too? I've got none D:

I think the photo taken with you holding a flag standing next to a girl was the best :p

Is your house really huge?
Oh heh. You mean, OMG, what's this!?!?! He's standing next to.... *gasp* a girl?????? He must be really cool! :p

No, my house is really small. That is the common area inside our building.
Yeah, I don't have a face page.
Heck, I need my own sub-forum. :D

/thread hijack end.
I should be able to grab a picture of an Accord on my way out of work. There are only about 7 of them, 3 of which are the same year black coupes. Hope they show up in the dark lighting!