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Sorry but it's dark after work!


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Bump - what's next?

Never knew deltableh visited the game subforums.
Sorry, I'm still learning and branching out.

In honor of my car, let's get something with ODDLY COLORED WHEELS! Something with wheels that aren't silver, grey, or gunmetal.
Darnit if i had school, there was this guy who always drove with pink wheels XD
Ohh, there used to be an old Ford Laser in the next street with matching red wheels. I'll see if its still there.
Just two days ago I saw an Opel Tigra with purple wheels, but didn't manage to get a photo of it. Would've been perfect for this and the carbage thread :)
They're not totally different coloured, but most of it is.
Excuse the crap phone pic, but the centre bits are the same colour as the car.
Could I get a Nissan Pathfinder? :D
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How about another car for those living in places that the Pathfinder doesn't exist? :p
I've been trying to look for a X trail, but the car isn't for sale anymore, so it's quite hard to find. Will try harder though! :D
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Even comes with a free red Nissan GTR! :mrgreen:

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Now, I'll bend the rules a little.

I want a.... BUS! :p

No minibus/van conversions etc.
I'm not going to take a photo of my garage tonight. Maybe in the morning I'll get you that M.