Find-and-Photograph that car game

The rules are the rules. Pass.
Just for the hell of it (and for the bonus points), here's a Polo GTI:
Sorry for the lousy pic quality, I'm blaming my Motorola V3.

Did anyone see a 4th gen Civic lately? :?
There are 2 in my town, I'll see if I remember to take a pic of it when I see it.

Now bring me a sedan with 4 tailpipes!
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I think I would like to see a Honda Accord, pre-1989, any configuration. :)

Now I need to see a riced out/carbage Civic! :p

Now, a blue Renault Espace, please.
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^Well, that is a CRX, not a Civic, but does it pass?

There's been a lot of Hondas on this page, so I'd be glad for it to pass.
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^ Well, CRX = "Civic Renaissance model X", so it's okay! :D
Since its been nearly a month and nobody has found a blue Espace, perhaps we could move on to another car?