Find-and-Photograph that car game

Not just yet, I've seen loads of silver 407s and plenty of red 307s, but the closest to a blue French car I have seen recently is a silvery-blue 206CC, which I tried to get a picture of, but my phones camera stuffed up as I was taking it, froze after making the shutter sound but before taking the picture, finally took a lovely picture of some concrete and half a puddle.
I'm on it, blue french car! :D So far, I've only seen silver and grey Escapes, and they don't sell well at all here :/

For me Lancer Evo, preferably latest edition, but any will do.
Here's the EVO FQ-360 from the Top Gear segment, waiting to be unleashed on the Nordschleife:

And that's a n M3 CSL in the background, I just noticed.

I'd like... an OLD Audi. And by OLD I mean pre 80, 100.
So... how about.... uhmmm.... durr... herp derp... any classic british dropdop sportscar, that is NOT an MG-B with the fugly rubber bumper.

Does that count? A Triumph Tr4 I believe.
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I don't have a magnifying glass with me at the moment. Seriously?
Raparperi: will you go into the spot that car thread and post those audis? They've been a request there for more than a month!

As requested :p (shot these two yesterday)



And what to request next...hmm, how about an old Ford Escort? MK1 or Mk2. Bonus points for an estate/wagon.
I'll be honest- my sister took this photo over in Tel-Aviv. Still, she spotted it! :p

I would like to see an Alfa Romeo 166.
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