Find-and-Photograph that car game

Y'know, I'm pretty stunned from the fact that there is no unmodded Supras left in this world. :rolleyes:

As Non-Riced as you can possibly get. Photo taken last year.

Now get me a Hyundai (Bonus for a Coupe)
Just saw this out on the roads. Its a Hyundai, and its a coupe. Too bad it wasn't the Coupe.

I want me a E24 BMW 6 series.

BTW1: look at the Honda's license plate
BTW2: No E24s in here... kthxbai
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I swear someone posted one on the 'Random Car Sightings' thread a while back...
I think I know where one is. I'll be back in a minute!

EDIT: Dammit! Not there anymore. But do I get points for finding a Bentley Turbo?


Oh, and a XJ350 XJR as well

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Okay.. I want to see a Nissan Bluebird, or another shitty 1980s Nissan sedan.
Someone here has one... :hmm:
^because nobody could find your 6 series! :p
^ Yeah, and at least Dsemaj tried :p

But damn, a friend of mine has a Bluebird, I'll have to dig around if I have a picture of it somewhere.
I'm out of this round of the game on the games forum, again... :(

Would that do? (Taken at MPH07 in November)

If so, i want someone to photograph a Maserati witht eh Boomerange rear lights if possible.

This? It's the Gransport version without the boomerang