Find-and-Photograph that car game

okay, this is taking a while. want a new challenge?
I have no idea what are those Mitsubishi models, so here's a Proton. No info on this at all on the interwebs, is it close enough?
It's quite a rare car now. I saw several sigma in my life but that ages ago.

I will try to find one. It isn't a common thing.
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Finally got one:

To make it even more difficult, I'd like to have a Renault 25 (or an Eagle Premier if you happen to live in America).
Right, I may include the Safrane as well, most 25's ought to have rusted away by now. I'll swap to something else if there aren't any responses within two weeks if that's okay for you.
OKay, this is going nowhere, I haven't seen any big Renault lately so I'll be satisfied if you show me a red BMW Z4.

I saw a red Z3 today. As for Z4s I see a blue Z4M Coupe like once a week, and a black Z4 everyday. Don't think I've ever seen a red Z4.