Find-and-Photograph that car game

I got this one double style. I even drove both of these cars on test. :mrgreen:


Porsche Boxster of any age.
Taking a picture out of a fast-moving taxi is quite difficult (I'm in Seattle on business today), so sorry about the very poor quality.


Since I'm in Seattle, find me a Volvo 240 wagon.
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I'll go ahead and accept any pre-Horbury Volvo (read:before 1995,boxy) since it seems like nobody's able to find a 240.
Was looking at a T5-R in terrible condition at a local old Volvo dealer, and realized I caught a 240 wagon in the background.

Find me a C4 Corvette
SAVE THE T5-R's!!!
SAVE THE T5-R's!!!

That ones at a little used Volvo dealer in Northborough, MA. The guy currently has a stock of maybe 15 of them (mostly 240s and 850s, but some S70s, and newer). I was amazed to see he had a T5-R in such terrible condition. When I was there a week or so ago, he had a V70R parked right next to that T5-R. A few years ago when I still had my Audi, I tried to trade it for a yellow T5-R sedan, but the guy said he didn't take VAG products (now he has a Golf or two for sale on his lot all the time).

I'll take some more photos when I'm back in MA in a few weeks.
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OK, so what do you want us to find next?
Hmm, they used to be everywhere around here, and I don't remember seeing one in the past two years or so.
I see them about once a week here in Pittsburgh.

For the Euro folk, how about a 3rd or 4th gen Lotus Esprit.
I'm having trouble figuring if thats a Peter Stevens Esprit or a Julian Thompson Esprit

EDIT: Nevermind. Figured it out based on the running lights/turn signals + lower air vents.
Your turn.