Find and Screenshot that car in Google Street View

^ I don't live in USA, so I foolishly went around New York to look for the car, and found out after an hour that most cars in New York are rather very new :p
Ok. How about a 2nd gen Oldsmobile Bravada?

Its brothers are acceptable too (Chevrolet Blazer/GMC Jimmy) but +rep if you find an Oldsmobile.


I've seen tons of Bravadas in the midwest, but I don't believe I've ever seen that gen even in person.

edit: Found two Jimmys and 2 Blazers, but still looking for the Bravada...
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Its been a while. First person to post that generation anything (Bravada/Jimmy/Blazer) get rep.
I'm on it! :D

The 2 blazers I found are now in a crashed laptop D:
Murphey's law strikes again.
Murphey's law strikes again.

That's why I'm now using a laptop that overheats once in 15 minutes, unless I keep changing the surface on which it sits on, so as to allow it to disperse its heat efficiently :glare:

Is this a Blazer?

Here's a Sirion, carbage-fied! :p

Now I want a Vollkswagen New Beetle
New or old? :p

Can I see a Volvo S80?
I belive this is an Audi allroad quattro.

Now find a car built before 1960.
I found a classic car dealer in Beverly Hills, but dealers don't count. Looks like they have a Ferrari 275 in the show room.