Find and Screenshot that car in Google Street View

Oops, I forgot to say what car to look for, anyway, find me any Porsche 911.
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And what do you want us to find?
Just when you thought this thread was dead, it gets revived with a healthy dose of small hatchback.

Find me a Lotus Elise or Exige

I was gonna use the Lotus Factory, but felt that would be a bit unsportsman like.

Find a British Leyland car (just to be evil :p)
Oh Sorry! Next car: any Porsche 911 :)
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Heh, this is the 3rd time I've revived this thread,


Yes, this is actually a Z4 coupe, but it's close enough, isn't it?
I knew San Fransisco was a good place to start.

I want a Saab 9000.