Find and Screenshot that car in Google Street View

How about a Porsche 968?

Damn, I just stumbled across an old Porsche shop with a 928 parked out front. I don't think that counts does it?
The rules say no NEW car dealers, I don't think it says anything about garages though.

Also, I discovered that StreetView works much faster on my Kindle than it does on my laptop.

How about either a BMW E34 wagon, a BMW E36 wagon, or a BMW E30 wagon.
Gnnf, numerous E46 tourings and E36 cabrios, but no E3x touring... :mad:

But belated, here the W163 (now for real):


I've seen quite a few E34 wagons in London.
No? How about any BMW wagon?
Ha, found an E36 touring while looking at the E46 tourings I found when I searched the first time. :)


Get me a Mercedes W114/W115 (also known as /8)
Is this one?

That's a W111 Coup?, but as it is even better than a W114/W115 it's OK. :)
Ok then, show me a P38A Range Rover.
D'oh, numerous Range Rover Mk3, Discoverys of all generations and a Range Rover Classic, but no 2nd gen Range... :?

I guess if you average 1st and 3rd together you get 2nd. Your turn.
OK, so then what about a Chevy El Camino, preferrably 2nd or 3rd gen?
Nobody? Let's expand the list to pre-90's car-based pickups (El Camino, Ranchero, whatever I don't remember).
Ive been looking around Texas, and nothing yet.
Hmm, then a pre-90's Camaro/Firebird/Corvette, that shouldn't be that hard to find.
It seems I killed this thread...

Well, then any pre-90's american car which isn't a shitbox (e.g. Dodge Omni not allowed; AMC Pacer allowed)...