Find and Screenshot that car in Google Street View

Does this count? (Being introduced in the 1950s but built until the very early 1960s)

I'll take it because :drool: your turn, bro.
Well while looking up a local business I happened across this place with a GS (or is it a CX and my eyes are playing tricks? Hard to tell from this angle) and an XM. This isn't a auto shop, either.

Are two quirky Citroens acceptable?
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That's impossible, every 75 ever made has rusted away... :p

I found numerous Alfas of every era and size (Giulia, 33, 145/146, 156, 164, 166, Alfetta), but not a single 75... :(
I know where to find an Alfa Milano (US name for the 75) in real life, but too bad it wasn't there when the street view car came around
There's a 75 up earlier on this thread?