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Fisker Tramonto and Latigo CS


Aug 31, 2005
Alfa Romeo
Former BMW (eh) and Aston Martin (ohh) designer Henrik Fisker has made an old fashion coachbuilding company in California. They're presenting two new models at the Frankfurt IAA today.

They haven't got much info on their website yet (warning, it's trash.. ehm.. flash only), but there are pictures here:

Tramonto, based on the Mercedes SL 55 AMG (of the body parts only the roof should be the same), avalible with a Kleemann compressor bringing the power up to 610 bhp. The price is one SL 55 AMG + $128'000 and the Kleemann tuning costs another $43'000.

Latigo CS, based on the BMW 6 series, the price for the rebuild should be over $100'000. No info about the engine.

They won't build more then 150 of each (to keep them exclusive), but the projects will be profitable even at half that number.
They are both interesting looking things. Don't like either of them though. The idea of making a Merc SL and a BMW 6 look the same is wrong to me. But regardless of the principle, I still don't like them.
Kebab gud said:
soo ....
the coupe is a BMW and the cab is a Merc?


astroboymoto said:
it was enevitable, mass customisation is the way of the future, but a nice step in the right direction :)

very-aston inspired looking tho :eek:

Yeah, noticed it too...
the mercish one has some nice offset rims and the bmwish one looks like a maserati
I like them both, not necessarily from a design standpoint (the Merc's rear end is nice) but from a principle standpoint; it's good to see that they've taken the entire design and replaced everything, instead of putting just an exaggerated bumper on some SL. It's comprehensive, and I like that.

Interestingly enough, their grille is supposed to look like the front profile of a fighter jet, but it really just looks like a leering whale about to kiss somebody...
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
Oh come on, that was a cheap shot! :x :lmao:

Check out the dish on the wheels, though. You could fit a family of four within the rear tires!
UKD's right ya know! It does look like that.

Meh this car means nothing. It has no pedigree and I can't be bothered with it.
Kebab gud said:
it cant offer anything ..
atleast the Koenigsegg has a few records to offer .. what does fisker have?
You're clearly missing the point. It's not supposed to compete anywhere near the supercars such as Koenigsegg; it's supposed to be for the ludicrously rich person who wants a car that's tailor-made and exclusive, like the coachbuilders in the 20's.

Though I doubt many are going to go to the effort. Which is a shame because fish grille aside, I really like the Tramonto.
Latigo is the most dangerous canyon pass in California. It has 160+ turns and any mistake will take you down the canyon. It's awesome that they named it after that road!

BTW, I've also crashed there!