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Fixing Top Gear [01x03], other WMV rips


New Member
Dec 30, 2005
Hi, I'm new here. I'm Craig, I'm a rally driver, so I have no brain, and I couldn't find this info here. Hope it isn't a repeat.

Top Gear - [01x03] - 2002.11.03.wmv (Jabba rip, not high quality) stops about 45 minutes in.

1. Download and install the GUI version of ASFbin from www.radioactive.com (freeware)
2. Input the file ("<<--" button after selecting the appropriate directory)
3. Slide the slider all the way over, it should end up around 2787.001 seconds
4. Click the "Pick" beside "End(s)" The 2787.002 value should be copied into the box.
5. Pick an output filename using the "..." button at the bottom, then click the "Cut/Copy/Join" button
6. Now you can watch the entire video - and with seek working! :mrgreen:
(You have to manually skip over the bit where the video used to stop)

Hope this helps, and thanks to Tweeke for allowing me to get these early episodes!!!

Good Luck!
Thanks Craig. I have a couple of updates to your procedure to improve it.

Firstly you get ASFBin from www.radioactivepages.com (the other site is a record label!).

Try this instead:
1. Find the Jabba version of 01x03 and click <--.
2. Set the start to 45.000 and the end to 1883.000 and click <-- Insert.
3. Set the start to 1920.000 and the end to 2827.000 and click <-- Insert.
4. Select a destination file.
5. Click Cut / Copy / Join.

This removes the stupid Jabba intro at the beginning, cuts out the broken section, and makes the file seekable.

Now if only there was a better version of 01x03 start with! :lol: