food that you hate???

All seafood, raw/undercooked meat, ofal, hot cilantro, most curry, plain avocado, any "blue" cheese, any "tart" dairy product like sour creme and plain yogurt...
everything american

As far as every day, commoner food, when I think American food, I think:

Buttermilk Buscuits
Chocolate-dipped Soft-Serve ice cream
Saltwater Taffy
Pecan pie
Pickled watermelon rind (watermelon is really a cucumber, anyways, so it makes sense)
Baked Maine lobster
Fish Tacos
Key lime pie
Chicken and waffles
Root beer float
Deep-dish/stuffed Pizza
BBQ Chicken and red onion pizza
New England clam chowder
Chili dog
Pumpkin pie
Maple syrup
General Tso's Chicken
Shrimp and grits
Buffalo wings

Are you just thinking of fast food, or the stuff we serve as novelties at once-a-year fairs?
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I'm not too picky... But I can't stand surstr?mming or pea soup.
Lutfisk don't taste that much after it's been rinsed and boiled. It's just... slimy.
There are few things I don't like to eat. I'd say brussels sprouts, some mushrooms (just the button ones. I like portabello, chanterelles and asian mushrooms), and chauliflower most of the time are my red lines. Everything else for the most part gets consumed.
I don't like plain horseradish.

However, how do you feel about horseradish mayo (FANTASTIC on roast beef sandwiches), horseradish mustard, or wasabi?
I'm pretty good with most foods, but I draw the line at:
- Cilantro (Coriander Leaf)
- Grapefruit
- Gorgonzola and Bleu Cheese

I cannot comprehend how cilantro is so popular when it tastes so rank.
Cilantro is fine when used sparingly. The problem is when people use too much and the bitterness overwhelms the other flavors in the dish.

Me, I have difficulty with oysters - particularly raw, but one time when I was eating an oyster stew the edge of my spoon encountered an oyster and it burst like an over-ripe zit. Urgh.
I'm allergic to scallops - which was particularly fun when I was a kid and I had to eat them. (My folks thought I was faking each time I got sick after eating them.)
Seafood, man do I hate seafood, the smell, the texture, the idea of having an entire fucking crustacaen on your plate.....give me a piece of dead cow any day.