food that you hate???

Chocolate - I'm horribly allergic, but the fact it smells and looks like poop make this one top of the pops
Raw oysters - cooked for just one minute and I love them, but raw they are just snot pellets
Cold boiled eggs - three minute egg and soldiers, yes...deviled eggs are evil
Dill - the smell makes me want to hurl
Licorice - my mom is Dutch and yet I cannot abide the stuff
Green beans and watermelon (I love cantaloupe though...)
Carrots. When eaten raw I get the feeling that I have to throw up, don't know why.

I get that to, although I like the taste, something in them seems to upset the stomach.
Mint Sauce - YUCK!

As a condiment I'd gladly use it. Eat it directly? No thank you.
What's the bread?

Some form of ryebread, schwartz brot, pumpernickel, whatever people like to call it (edit: here it's called rugbr?d).

For me it's raw onions or any kind of food that contains onions that are still crunchy. No problem what so ever if they are cooked tender though.

And strong mustards like dijon mustards. It doesn't take a lot of it to ruin a dish for me. Licorice has been a big no no for me too, but I am slowly learning to eat salty licorice.
Jimi Hendrix, I love em!

I personally eat pretty much anything. but egg plant is something i havent eaten at all after one poor tasting experience (grilled eggplant) with it 20 years ago..
Also the texture of avocado irks me a bit, but i can eat it and in certain ways its good..
You people are picky, lots of awesome stuff mentioned here :p
Green beans and watermelon (I love cantaloupe though...)

How do you feel about cucumbers? Watermelons are actually very closely related to cucumbers...much closer than they are to any other melons.
Milk, egg (in most forms), butter, fish (cept tuna in some ways), most seafood.