food that you hate???

Blue cheese. I've lived in an apartment with a bad black mold problem. The smell of blue cheese is exactly that smell, combined with cheese. No thank you.
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I totally hate fennel, this nasty stuff should be removed from this planet.
I hate all sea food,marshmallow,cherry,eggs,apricot...
Glac? cherries - but I like fresh cherries a lot.

Beans. Fuck beans. All beans. Beans are the devil.
I hate vinegar and pumpkin seed oil. Especially in combination. Just the smell of that makes me want to puke.
Liver and kidneys, etc - also as above, feel ill if someone else is eating them.

Also, any food not served on HOT plates, sheesh how hard can it be?

I'm not really a picky eater at all but I cannot stand okra or anything made with avocado like guacamole. I like pickles but not on my burgers.