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I made this once again and seem to have found the tiny tweaks that the recipe needed to make it perfect for me. 🤤
The first dish I wanted to try to make on my new dutch oven was a Chicken Biryani.

All of the recipies that look good, while you don't use the whole containers, would mean I'd have to buy, like, $40 in spices. :ROFLMAO: Star anise, two kinds of cardamom pods, saffron...ha! Not sure I can swing that...

edit: I need to find something like this, but here...
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Only about 2.5 years late to the homemade bread trend... Finally got around to making that dutch oven no-knead bread.

Almost ate the whole loaf with/after dinner.


The can of Spam we bought for our "emergency" stash was about to expire, so I cubed it, and browned it in a skillet. Threw some into some skillet potatoes one day, added some into some fried rice the next, and then finished it off in some egg and cheese sandwiches on ciabata rolls, with some chipotle mayo.

We decided to make another paella for last Sunday, mainly seafood and with a few king prawns on top.

The spousal unit did the shopping while I was away and reported that the local supermarket had a small selection of frozen prawns, none of which really fit the description of “a few large, but not gigantic ones”. So she settled on a box that contained this:


(diameter: something like 45cm)


Isn’t it great when they give you new and unusual reasons to love them?
Thanksgiving "leftover" sandwich.

"Leftover" is in quotes because nothing was actually leftovers. Ha! It was either made just for this (bread, cranberry sauce, bacon), pre-made (turkey), or freshly-made but from a box (stuffing).

Fresh-made, one-hour-old wheat bread
Thin sliced herb-seasoned deli turkey
Stove Top turkey stuffing
Black peppered bacon
Fresh spiced cranberry/apple sauce
Swiss cheese
Sharp cheddar cheese
Dijon mustard

...and a partridge in a pear tree. Then pressed in a panini sandwich grill.

A review:
I actually think heating it up and adding cheese was a mistake. I think I prefer these cold. And as much as it pains me as a former Wisconsinite, I think the cheese was unnecessary.

The cranberry sauce i make has apples and honey, and it is delicious...but I think it wasn't nearly tart enough for this use. This should have been straight cranberries and sugar (but still maybe with the cinnamon and clove).

I shouldn't have been so conservative with the dojon mustard. And while I was adequately liberal with the mayo, it could have used a bit more.

Either spinach, arugula or maybe even basil would have been good additions.

Also Kettle Corn.

Kellogg and Little Debbie collaborated on Nutty Buddy cereal. I picked up a box to give it a chance, and it was not good. It even stunk.
I could imagine it smelling like barnyard.

So this is a "pantry clear-out pot pie". I had an extra pie crust that was expiring soon, and the filling used up the last of the milk, an open chicken broth carton, a 1-month expired can of jackfruit, the last half of an onion, the last 3 cloves of garlic, frozen veggie mix (cauliflower, pearl onions, carrots and broccoli). Then in the last 20 mins, I grated the last of a wedge of parm and mixed it with some garlic powder and sprinkled it on the top of the crust.

After trimming off the pie crust overhang, I tried doing the Hydra logo from memory (didn't get it quite right), and then had two pieces left, so I made hearts.

Recently in an "Ice breaker" discussion for school, a question we had to answer was "What's your favorite global cuisine?" I said "State Fair."

The discussion posts were graded, and I only got half-credit for it. 🤣
I demand a re-grading
I demand a re-grading
Right? I mean, no earthly nation would lay claim to these abominations. Except maybe Wisconsin. And Indiana. Oh, and Oklahoma. And Mississippi, probably...and...
Right? I mean, no earthly nation would lay claim to these abominations. Except maybe Wisconsin. And Indiana. Oh, and Oklahoma. And Mississippi, probably...and...

Texas would.
Haven't made much for a while lately. Spent 5 weeks trying a stripped down menu of ingredients, trying to see if it would improve my nearly-two-years-long bout of symptoms (no dice).

This week, we started back in on "normal" food, and had some things to kill. Made some confit garlic in the afternoon, and used it in some mashed potatoes. Had some green beans on their last legs, and a pound of turkey dated tomorrow. Had to substitute a few of the meatloaf ingredients (and forgot to add an egg), but it really hit the spot.

Frikadellen and some weird little sausages that I swear were chorizo but were rung up as something else. That was my lunch from a Metzgerei for about €4. Both were in bread rolls. Would recommend Metzgerei lunch.
Sorry, meatloaf is not good eats. Never have liked it and even as an adult I still can't stand the texture.

I get it. IMO, it's like meatballs in a different shape and my brother hates meatballs.
I get it. IMO, it's like meatballs in a different shape and my brother hates meatballs.

That's the dumb thing, meatballs I got no problem with. I know the ingredients are nearly the same, but I think the surface area ratio gives enough difference in texture that it's fine.