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Monday lunch, yeeees :hammer:

I bought it on clearance:

It's Birthday Cake flavor (artificial flavor...just so it's clear that this isn't flavored with excretions from wild, line-caught birthday cake).

Well...they claim that it's birthday cake flavor, but...this has to be the most bland Cap'n Crunch variant I've ever had. It really doesn't have a discernable flavor, and I'd say it's even more plain than the regular "plain" Cap'n Crunch. At least that has a sort of buttery, honey-ish sort of flavor.

This is like...if LaCroix made a Cap'n Crunch.

The flavor was so bland, I double-checked the "best by" date, to make sure it wasn't expired.

I've got a box of this next up in the rotation.

I've been pretty "meh" on every non-standard Frosted Flakes I've had so far, except for one. The chocolate Frosted Flakes are something special. I want to say the O.G. is still the best, but 49 days out of 100, I might pick the chocolate as the best.

Had a box of this a few weeks back:

I enjoy it, but I couldn't tell you how it's any different from the previous "Double Chocolate" flavor, even though the ingredients and nutrition information are actually a little different, but even though they re-used all of the photos and graphic elements from this "old" variety:
Haven't done much "proper" cooking lately. Used the slow cooker yesterday for the first time in what feels like a year to make some BBQ-inspired shredded chicken sandwiches. Buns were small, but an 8 pack was on sale for 97 cents. What you can't see under the lightly-dressed slaw, is some spicy sweet pickle and onions. Potatoes are seasoned with a "Cajun" McCormick seasoning blend.

Went to the Neuenahr Brauhaus and it’s really good. Menu isn’t too busy, their in house beers are good. Went there with a @loose_unit and @terrex6r or @marc6r (what the hell is his forum name?) to celebrate a trip around the earth.

Roast beef, potato balls with a sort of buttery salt thing on top and red kraut. Was nom.

The last couple of times I made french toast have been major dissapointments. Today's was pretty great for a change, thankfully.

Brioche french toast with vanilla and almond extract, and home-made blueberry "syrup". Could have used maybe one more egg in the custard, and maybe another 1/2 tablespoon of butter.

I recently won a carbon steel pan from an Instagram giveaway, and it arrived today. This would be my first carbon steel pan. It's this one:

But...should I keep it, or sell it while it's still in new condition?

Here's the rub: the things carbon steel excels at? It seems like we don't really make 'em.

  • We don't sear much of anything in the house because we don't have good ventilation, and hate the cleanup. (we don't eat much red meat at home, and usually bake chicken except for the occasional chicken fajitas night (which is in a lime juice marinade)
  • We don't shallow fry anything like fritters, etc.
  • We cook a pretty good amount of acidic foods (lots of tomatoes, lemon juice, deglazing with white wine, etc).
Thoughts? Anybody have dishes you make that you couldn't imagine making in anything else, other than slidey-aroundy fried eggs in what looks like 1/4 cup of butter? 😅
Finally gave up and ordered a rice cooker.

I just don't get it. With our old range, I could make stove-top rice just fine 9/10 times.

Then we got a new range, still gas, and used the same cookware and methods. And I think I only made "ok" rice maybe 3-4 times since last year. I tried different burners, different heat levels, different amounts of water. I could just never figure out a combination that would get me good-enough results.

So, I waited for Prime Day...and after none of the on-sale ones were ones I wanted, I ended up ordering one from Wal-Mart.
Butter bean puree on toasted ciabatta with oven roasted cherry tomatoes with cured sumac, topped with lemon "pickled" red onion and lemon zest.

The beans were just a drained can of butter beans blended with 100g of Greek yogurt, salt and pepper, and the tomatoes were just a 16oz package with EVOO, 2 tablespoons of sumac, salt and pepper.

Verdict: very tasty. Would make again. Would have been good with arugula and large flakes of parm, too. Original recipe called for lime instead of lemon, but a limb of a lemon tree grows over our fence from the neighbor's yard, occasional I used that.

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I made a clafoutis with the blackberries the spousal unit and I had picked. And I took pictures of it for a friend who had asked for the recipe, so I have something to share here.


buttered pie dish with lots of blackberries


5 eggs, 90g sugar, 100g flour, 1 pinch of salt, seeds from 1 vanilla bean


the above mixed with 250ml milk


and what I put in the oven at 200 degrees C for 35 minutes


the finished product


With some lemon zest, that'd pretty much be my ideal dessert.
Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 4.06.55 AM.png

Time to make some tacos. I picked up some roasted hot Hatch chiles and bhut jolokias at the store, so LET'S GOOOOOOOO.
Went to the Neuenahr Brauhaus and it’s really good. Menu isn’t too busy, their in house beers are good. Went there with a @loose_unit and @terrex6r or @marc6r (what the hell is his forum name?) to celebrate a trip around the earth.

Roast beef, potato balls with a sort of buttery salt thing on top and red kraut. Was nom.

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In-house beers?

If I can ever make it to Ringmeet again, ooh, want.
Gyro-esque sandwich-ish.

Trader Joe's pre-made gyro meat slices, naan bread (because I could only find the kind if pita I dislike), tzaziki made with plain yogurt, because we had to use it up.

Not bad. There's more meat than it looks.

Tj's "heat for 20 seconds" instructions for the meat is bulllshit, though. 😅

Made the same thing for lunch today, but with zatar and garlic-seasoned chicken breast and a pre-made pizza crust (no, not Boboli). Not as good as with the gyro meat, but a damned tasty chicken sandwich.
So this was a question recently from @MacGuffin in a joking manner, but I took it seriously because, why not? All the things in this are good.

Behold: the Currywurst Omelette/scrambled eggs.


American Omelettes have all these things normal, except the ketchup is just normal and not curry seasoned. So it’s good. :)


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