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the worlds thinnest bacon
That’s something I never understood about Germany - the “better”/more expensive the bacon, the thinner it seems to get??? 🤯

I don't really care much for wine in food, but it does seem like it would fit this dish for those who do.
Usually I get comparably good results with a splash of good quality vinegar… also soy sauce in everything lol

Went and tried the King Arthur flour recipe for sweet potato cinnamon rolls. Reduced sugar by about half by ditching the glaze and reducing sugar in the dough and filling by about 1/3 as well. Doubled the amount of sweet potato though. Still very sweet, the original must be insane. Anyhoo: turned out great, will make these again. Maybe halve the recipe, because this is like 700+ g of flour…
Stopped in Gulpen, NL for some finmeet things, decided to have a late lunch in the town. 😍

While in The Netherlands I tried this:

It ruined me, because I can't find it in Portugal.
I can find this:

Which is fine, but not as good.
Yesterday I came across this:

Stay away. It is very addictive.
I also bought the sourdough version but haven't tried it yet.
Looks like compacted sawdust
When you load it up with Dutch dip/spreads, it doesn’t matter.
Yesterday I went to a "Latin Festival".
Many different foods vendors (yay), most of them severely understaffed and unprepared (boo) but after waiting for nearly one hour I managed to try two dishes I never had before, both from Venezuela:
Cachapa (corn pancake) and Patacón (a sandwich that uses fried plaintain instead of buns.)
I plan on doing both at home.
this past weekend, I was making pancakes and, once again, felt like my rather large 32 cm pan was still just not large enough to make enough pancakes in parallel. Yes, I could just use two pans I guess...
But then I had a thought. I do own a pizza steel, which by the way is awesome, if you're ever a little disappointed in your homemade pizza or bread - anyway, since that thing is made of steel (duh) and we have an induction stove that has combinable zones (originally for oval crockpots and suchlike)... I should be able to just put that thing onto there (sort of like a plancha or teppanyaki thing) and use it for pancakes, no? It's seasoned well enough, so it should have fairly good non-stick properties, it should heat up well and since it's fairly thick and heavy, the heat distribution should be fine as well. Hm... just give it a try? :D
In Brazil I had an induction cooktop with the same feature of combinable zones and I bought a huge square cast-iron pan and it worked perfectly for pancakes, hash browns, etc.
In short: do it!
Working from home has its perks... as in if I fancy kimchijeon for lunch, I will have kimchijeon for lunch! unlike in kenjis video, I made 3 small pancakes and slapped an over-easy egg on top, then drenched the whole thing in the proposed dip sauce. yeeeeees :love:
Jag tycker inte om smörgåsen.